Monday, 31 December 2012

Haulage Time!

EDIT: Sorry for the messed up pictures!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas! Blue definitely enjoyed all the leftover turkey :)
Anyways, I thought I'd do a nice big haul post, because who doesn't love those? I've had some requests for them, so I'd show you one of all my new-ish polishes. I didn't end up getting any polishes for Christmas, but thats what Christmas money I for right? I'll show all the goodies first and then closer pics and all the polishes names. Just don't judge, I know I went crazy, and sense a no-buy in my future, right after all the swappies I'm doing. And my no-buys are usually always successful, so I'll have lots of polish to swatch while I'm not buying any :)

Here's a swap I did a while ago with Lindsey from Lindsey's Lacquer. I love her so much for adding a little extra bottle, that's the first time anyone's done that for me and it makes me feel all warm a nice inside! Thank you Lindsey :)
Left to right: Color Club Revvvolution, Sephora Moody Woman, Essence Walk On Air, Wet N' Wild Party Of Five Glitters.

I recently picked up some goodies at Sally's. They had the extra 50% off clearance items, which I combined with a $10 off $20 coupon. I managed to get a set of nail wheels, China Glaze's Magnetix ii magnet and 7 polishes for just over $10. Score! Here's the Color Club mini Winter Affair set I grabbed, it comes with Berry and Bright, Ho-Ho-Holly, Gift of Sparkle and Snow-Flakes.

The rest of my Sally's haul: Orly Sashay My Way, and two China Glaze Magnetix polishes, Bond-tastic and Gold Fusion.

Lots and lots of Juleps! After feeling sad about skipping so many months, I went crazy! Here is Julep Harper, Minka, Hailee, Vivien (which actually came cracked down the back, so I super quickly took a pic and got rid of the gloopy, oozing mess), Sofia, Ivy, and Brit. I'm very happy with these, I got them all very cheaply and have everything from glitters to suedes to duochromes and glow in the darks! I ended up getting the peaceful trio because I didn't get the suedes last month because there was no choice to get three polishes (you got 2 and a topcoat or a cream). But these were cheaper, so yay!

Last but not least, my shopper's had a bunch of old bottles Essence's on sale, so I helped myself, here is Glamourous Life, Walking On Sunshine, A Lovely Secret, Space Queen, and Nude It!

I forgot to picture the last ones, Color Club Angel Kiss from a discount beauty supply shop, a set of 5 mini scented glitters from Claire's and a bottle of Nails Inc Notting Hill Carnival (a lovely yellow creme) which I got from Sephora for 5 bucks.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone's day is merry and bright. Remember to take time and enjoy friends, families and loved ones. And if you don't celebrate, have a great day, just because :)
Happy holidays to all!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Nails

I haven't done too many Christmassy things with my nails this year. Between my rat dying, and my hedgehog passing away last night, I haven't been feeling too 'in the Christmas mood' as of late. But I have done one mani I wanted to share with y'all. A very Christmassy combo of Wet N Wilds Red Red and Orly's mermaid tale. One coat of Red Red, and one of Mermaid Tale. Despite the fact I've had my Wet N Wild forever, and it thickening up a little, neither polish had application issues. Mermaid Tale is a gorgeous holo green glitter, and I love that it's enough glitter to get opaque, but is still awesome for layering. And I cannot say enough good things about Wet N Wild's Wild Shine polishes. They are super cheap, and have great formulas. They don't have too many colours, and next to none are really out there, but for as little as $.50 they are great basic colours.
This is in natural light. Whenever the sun comes out I love to take pictures, as they come out nowhere as nice if taken in artificial lights. The only problem has been is in the winter it's dark when I leave for school, and dark when I get home.
The last picture is the most colour accurate.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Nails Are Otherworldly. And how are yours, again?

LOL, just kidding. My ego isn't that big.
My nails are otherworldly though, Otherworldly by Color Club, to be exact.
And it certainly is a gorgeous colour, isn't it? I was so happy to be able to receive this, it was on my lemming list for a long time, and it didn't disappoint me. This is three super thin coats, artificial lighting. Again, such a pretty colour, and no formula problems either, even with all the glitter in it. Love it :)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Goodbye. I'll see you at Rainbow Bridge.

Hey guys.
So today my dear pet rat Momo died. He lived a good long life, and was comfortable throughout, but it's still sad to see him go.
As a pet owner, it can be easy to blame yourself for their death. You wish they could have told you what was wrong, or that you should of looked closer and found out. I feel like I should have taken better care of him, maybe given more time, more love.
But the truth is, I took the best care of him that I could have. I hope he knew that. It's sad to see him go, but he had a long, enriching life. Instead of the what-ifs, I'm choosing to keep the fond memories of him. The snuggles,the loving, and the kisses.
They say adopting a pet is one of the best things you can do, and it is. I'm happy that I took him home and gave him a chance, his problems and all. And I know he was thankful for it, running around a big two story cage instead of a shoebox sized one, and getting to be in a home.
There are some many things I wish I could say to him, but now, all I can say is,

Goodbye Momo. I love you. See you at Rainbow Bridge.

Click here to read the Rainbow Bridge poem.

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Hey guys. So, if you've been looking at my posts, I've been doing a lot of blue manis. I was in a little bit of a colour rut. Do you know what I'm talking about? When you look in your drawer, and pick up yet another of the exact same colour? That was me with blue. Blue, blue, blue, and let me tell up you, too much blue can be a little tiring. So I looked through and picked out something completely different, in the form of Nicole by OPI's It's Ah-May-Zing. I don't get the name, and all of those dashes, but boy, is it a pretty colour. It's Ah-May-Zing is a pretty metallic-y shimmer. The colour is a gorgeous deep pink colour. Exactly the palette cleanser I needed. This is three coats, but with no free edge worries, two thicker coats would work perfectly. I had some minor application issues, but I feel like it's worth it. If only the bottles weren't so stupid. This is a pre-pro-wide brush, and it doesn't go anywhere near the bottom of the bottle. It's 85% full, and it's already impossible to coat the brush without closing the bottle and turning upside down. Annoying.
Anyways, here are the swatches. Three coats, no topcoat.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Julep December Sneek Peak!

Hey guys!
Sorry I've been MIA, it's been midterms, and I have been coming home dead tired most days :)
I just wanted to do a quick post today, a sneek peak from Julep Maven. I have to say, two months in a row of awesome boxes! First the suedes, which I am eagerly awaiting (It always takes longer for Canadians, and storm probably is just elongatng the wait) and now more glitters!
I have to say, I am impressed. If Julep continues like this, I will be broke very quickly. Also, may I add how cool the ring idea is! I love that they give us a blank ring to do up ourselves, with whatever colour or pattern we choose. Very cool. I just hope they're are adjustable, so they can fit everyone's fingers. Anyways, here's the preview. Oh, how I wish I was a sneek peak maven.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Getting Back To Basics

I believe there are a few things every polish lover should own. Nothing expensive or too crazy, but things that you need if your going to start really getting into polish. I've had some questions about these, so I've decided to do a post on it. Here are the first 5 out of 10 things I think you should own, none of them over $10.00, because that's always a nice thing, right? :D the second segment, consisting of the last 5, will hopfullybe put up within the next week. I'll add the link here when I post it.

1. Nail Polish Remover
I hope this would go without saying, but if your going to use nail polish, you need remover. I don't care if you use peel off nail polish or whatever, you still should own a 50 cent bottle. It not only removes nail polishes and cleans up cuticles, but it cleans and preps your nails before you polish so your nails will last longer. Prep your nails with it even if they are clean. I like strengthening removers because I think, while they don't really make my nails stronger, they don't make them any weaker either. I think it's a delicate balance between cheap and strong, so I don't ever buy the really cheap stuff (scrubbing?!?! no thank you) but I don't have the crazy expensive stuff either. My current stuff is by Cutex, but I switch around when stuff goes on sale.

2. Thinner
Nail polish thinner is a miracle in a bottle. For 5 dollars, you'll never have gloppy nail polish again. Okay, it will run out, but it takes forever. With around 200 nail polishes, I've only used have of my 1 1/2 year old bottle of thinner. It's worth it. And, for all of you who think nail polish remover thins polish, DON'T! Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't. Seriously, I'm begging you. Nail polish remover is meant to break down nail polish, it might look okay for a bit, but it will be ruined beyond repair in time. It will make glitters bleed and curl and melt, as well. Nail polish thinner is worth it. If you don't think you own enough polish to warrant a whole bottle of the stuff, split the cost and share it with a friend or two. But for the price of a drugstore polish, I know it's well worth it. I got mine from Sally Beauty Supply, they have great coupons and sales all the time on it.

3. A Black And White Creme Polish
These are the bread and butter of nail polishes. Not only do they make a fine manicure by themselves, they are great for nail art and as 'underwear' for other polishes. Sheer nail polishes look so much better with a nice opaque underlayers. Use white under neons to make them really pop, or black under duochromes to really push out the colour shift. While you can get some expensive, great blacks and whites (in that case, I recommend Cult Nails Nevermore and RBL's Underwear) there are also super cheap ones that also work extremely well. Whites are always a bit trickier, but you can get some nice ones that are inexpensive and many super cheap blacks are one or two coaters. I got Wet N' Wild Black Creme and French White Creme for 99 cents each at Walmart (in the States you can get them on sale for 50 cents each) and they work beautifully.
4. Cuticle Oil/ Balm/ Creme
Cuticles aren't everything, but the make the whole picture just look nicer. Think of them as the picture's frame. You can have a gorgeous Van Gogh or Da Vinci, but a cheap knockoff can look just as good (if not better) in a nice frame, compared to ugly, old framers with the million dollar pieces. Taking care of your cuticles not only make you nails and hands look better, it keeps them from cracking and splitting and peeling, which is very painful, especially if your painting you nails or using remover. Their are dozen of different remedies for cuticles and I'm sure that everyone can find something that they like and that works for them. Olive oil also works, but I do recommend a real cuticle product eventually, as it just works so much better. I use China Glaze's Orange Cuticle Oil, which I got as a freebie with a purchase at Sally's. If you are interested in getting a great oil for super cheap, sign up for Julep Maven here. You get a cuticle oil (with an amazing rollerball applicater) and 2 polishes for only a penny! Again, sign up here. You can always easily cancel after your first box, no questions asked.

5. Base And Top Coats
Another two must-haves are a good base and topcoat. I don't care if you're nail polish says 'All-in-One', fact of the matter is that there are somethings that only a layer of basecoat underneath or topcoat on top can do. Here a just a few. Base coats can prevent staining, even out imperfections on the nail plate, and help the nail polish adhere better, requiring less coats for opacity. Topcoats give a shiny glossy finish, even out polish and make sure the vibrancy of a colour doesn't fade. They both prolong a manicure, and help keep it chip-free longer than it would on its own. Even a plain clear nail polish under and over is better than not using anything, but -just like olive oil instead of cuticle oil- you should eventually get a real base and topcoat. NYC's topcoat gets alot of good reviews, and Revlon's Colourstay base coat is a great deal, and regularly goes on sale super cheap. Plus, you can always find a Revlon coupon for a dollar or two online.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to tune in for part two :)

Friday, 2 November 2012

Update! Get yourself some polish :D

Hey guys! Just a quick post today. I've updated my swap list/ blog sale with some brand new polishes, so please take a look here. Also pictures will be arriving soon to the blog sale, so if you want to see any, email me (or write up a comment) and I'll send you a picture of the one you want to see early. Also, I'm working on a new way of orginizing my stash list, I just have to decide. I like the idea of a google doc, like my blog sale, but I would like to have pictures right on the same page.
Anyways, take a look at my swap/ sale and feel free to buy something! TGIF,  hope you had a good week, and will have a great weekend! Don't forget about falling back (for those who live where you do) :D Till next time!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

And The Winner Is...

I hopw y'all had a great halloween. Besides  the rain it was super fun. I'd love to show you pictures of the cotumes, and my super awesome nail art, but during Frankenstorm, a window broke open and broke my camera/ipad in the process.
Anyways, happy hump day to all of you not-celebrating folks!
Now onto the giveaway. However, before I annouce the winner, I'd like to give you my thoughts on it. If you don't care, feel free to scroll down to the bottom, but honestly, I hope you weren't the winner, and someone who truly enjoys all of the blog wins.
Overall, I think everything turned out beautifully. Not many false entries, and no other major troubles. There were some troubles I had, mostly in the form of people who were just here for a freebie. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with you learning about the blog because of a giveaway, and decide to follow because of it or whatever. It's the people who don't care at all about the blog that bug me. People who say to not add additional info because they actually have to read it before they submit and they don't want to take that long. that write a comment like 'COOL!' or 'Nice Giveaway :)' that annoy me. I just really love this blog, my little corner of the internet for everything I like and care about.
Also, please look at what the site is actually about. If you even just scroll down, you can tell this blog has nothing to do with clothing. So, obviously, I will not be doing clothing giveaways anytime soon. Sorry, but that's the truth. Please also don't say I should be doing things that have nothing to do with the blog either. AKA, no face mask or shampoo or eye cream reviews and everything else like that. And no giveaways for those either. Think about it. You wouldn't expect that from anything else, so don't expect it from me. But really, would you expect them to be giving away maternity items from a small pet convention? No, so please don't expect that from me. Thanks.
Also, I doubt I'd ever do Paypal/Ebay/Visa cash and giftcard giveaways, simply because you don't get people who care about what the blog is about. I won't say all, but alot of people on those giveaways just want the money to buy something completly un-related. I'm not promising anything, just don't hold your breath please.
Somethings just won't change. I've gotten alot of conflicting opinions on certain things, and in that case, my opinion rules. For example, the stars that are the background. I had one person person tell me they loved them and another that they couldn't stand them. I'm really loving them right now, and not everything will change if one person doesn't agree. Heck, I'd end up having a person tell me they didn't like nail polish and wouldn't be able to do anything :P
I would like to thank all the lovelies that were so kind, I even had some of you offer to help me out, and said I could email any time. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. It's so nice to see such amazing people that are so amazingly kind. I am beyond words, and this is why I do these things, to show how much I love you all.

Anyways, before I get into something else, without any further adieu, THE WINNER IS....


Congrats Yozellyn! I am contacting you right now. You have 48 hours to respond and claim your prize, so do it quickly before someone else can grab it!

Thanks so much guys! Stay tuned for more great things :D

Monday, 22 October 2012

Wild Thang

Today I'm showing you a relatively new brand, 2 Sisters Cosmetics. I was lucky enough to win a giveaway hosted by them, and then even more lucky when they graciously offered to send mine out specially when I realised they only shipped in America (And they realised they forgot to mention that, LOL). I got 4 colours to try out, and Wild Thang called to me and my lack of dark greens- especially dark green crimes. I was a little disappointed when this arrived and I reallied that it was a teal. Luckily (I think...) it leans way more blue in the bottle than it does on the nail. This was two, easy, nice drying, naturally shiny coats. No topcoat. I believe this is pretty true to life, except my fingers turned out exceptionally red. They do not look like that! And the pictures are indoors.
Also, may I add, I think the bottle and logo are adorable. I am always fond of bottles that don't copy OPI and/or don't look incredibly cookie cutter.

UPDATE: Sorry about the pictures! Eek! No ideas why they didn't download the first time.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Loch Ness Mystery

Let me start off this post by saying, I'm not a hippie when it comes to my polishes. I slather on formeldyde and camphor and other terrible thing to get that pretty colour on my nails. But with that said, I was really exited about getting to try Scotch Naturals, a water based, chemical-free, cruelty-free nail polish. I had my worries at first, did any of you have those kiddie nail polishes that were water based, but never showed up or dried? This was not the case with Scotch Naturals, it only took two easy coats, but if I wasn't taking pictures, one would have been fine. It dried quickly and it's such a gorgeous colour! These photos didn't show up colour accuratly though, in real life this is much less blue and much brighter. The last picture is the most colour accurate. The corner of the bottle in the first picture is pretty acurate too.
The best part of this is that you don't get the smell, though, I love it, and so does Blue.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

An English, Indian Ocean.

I figured my first swatch should be my favourite colour. Only problem is that I don't have a favourite colour, I love all the polishes I own, or I don't own them, LOL.
However, with that said, one of the jewels of my collection is Indian Ocean; from Model's Own fabulous Beetlejuice Collection, a gorgeous polish from a wonderful friend of mine, the lovely Emma at Imagination in Colour. Model's Own is a British brand, so I was incredibly happy to be able to get this.
This is two coats layered over Joe Fresh Wave, another very pretty polish that goes with Indian Ocean perfectly. Natural light.
I loved Indian Ocean and first sight, and while some people can't stand having to layer polishes, it really doesn't matter to me. Especially when the end result is as pretty as this. The duochrome is much more visible in real life, it's quite amazing to have such a strong shift in such a light polish. This is definitely true love for me.
Price- £5.00 (for 14 ml)
Where To Buy- (international shipping)
3-Free?- Sadly not.
Cruelty-Free?- Yes.
Bottom Line- I'd love to see someone try to take this from me, it's not going anywhere!
Are you a fan of layering polishes? What's your favorite International brand?

Friday, 28 September 2012


Guess what time it is?!?! Giveaway time! Yep, it's Really Quite Awesome's very first giveaway! I just hope you are all as excited as me! I love giveaways and have always dreamt of  having one myself. This is to celebrate a couple things. First off, we have 10 ah-may-zing followers, 11 if you just so happen to count little me. We also have over 1000 (around 1500) pageviews and this is our 51st post! and, as the cherry on top, I have a brand new camera! I know these are tiny, insignificant numbers for some, but for me and my itty, bitty, blog that's hasn't even been around for a whole year, it's pretty big.
Okay, okay, I'm getting a little sentimental, I know. And meanwhile, you're wondering, 'Well what's the prize?!'
View photo.JPG in slide show
Pretty, Aren't They?
View photo.JPG in slide show
Sorry this is sideways! I couldn't change it!
Anyways, here are the names of both, and a kitty!
Sorry, she isn't included in the giveaway.
I'll be giving away a bottle of Revlon nail polish in Peach Nectar, a gorgeous peachy shade I picked up specially for this giveaway, so sadly I don't have a personal bottle to show to you how awesome it is, but it looks like a beautiful polish that'd work well on a wide array of skin tones and nail lengths. I also wanted to add a gorgeous Canadian beauty, a lovely Joe Fresh Cheek Tint in my favourite colour of the range; Cherry. I cannot rave enough about this product. It's a perfect sheer wash of colour that's easily buildable, if you want more of a pop of colour. While I don't have a NARS The Multiple, nor have ever had one, I don't think this cheap little tints are shabby either. I know these say they are meant for cheeks, but I find the shape, size and texture makes it perfect for the lips too. And since I like to over do it, there will also be some surprises thrown in. Like what,
If we do get enough entries, I'll expand the prize pool and add some more winners, too.
Have I convinced you to enter yet? If so, feel free to use the rafflecopter widget below. Just a few rules before we start, though. The Internet is international, so my giveaway is too, just be aware of rules your country may have. As much as I want to be able to buy you a new set if anything were to happen, I cannot be responsible for anything that happens to the product once it leaves my hands. This includes if it gets lost, stolen or broken, sorry. Please do not cheat, I will be deleting false entries. And if I get a person trying to enter twice, I will delete allow both entries. The only sponsor of this giveaway is moi, and I spent my money to purchase both items, and my money is covering shipping costs too. I think that everything, so with that I say,

Click Here To Enter With Rafflecopter!

UPDATE: I've heard that some of you are having trouble witht the pictures, so here they are again if the first set won't load for you.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Want Some Free Polish?

Freebie Alert!
KM Nail Manufacture is giving away some free french manicure sets on their facebook page. These little kits included a base/topcoat, a sheer pink and a french white for tips. There are also some  tip guides sticker guides included.
Interested? Just click right here and sign up.
And just so you know, Obviously, I cannot guarentee 100% that this is spam free, but there are people who have claimed to have received it, plus it doesn't ask for anything more than a shipping address. I wanted to share this with you because I think this is a great freebie for us nail junkies, and I know I am eagerly awaiting mine.
Again, get them on their facebook page here.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Julep October Boxes

Hey guys, I just wanted to say I'm sorry I haven't been doing more. Unfortunately, I'm really busy with school right now. I am pushing myself to post at least 3 times every two weeks, so hopefully that will start happening and I can increase the goal a little. I have made some extra posts though, just for something to fall back to if I don't have time or material.

Anyways, Julep introduced us to their October lineup today. What do I think of it. Well, I'm starting to become a little disheartened with Julep. As much as I love the idea, the execution is falling a little flat. And as much as I'd love to tell you that their boxes are always amazing, I can't do that without lying... which is something I don't want to do, because that goes against the very idea of blogging, in my mind.

So what did they do this month?

No, I'm not joking... but it gets better. We're not talking about glitter crackles or leather-effect crackles, we're talking about a white, a black, a silver and an orange. I don't know about you but I think everyone that ever liked crackles already has a black, white AND silver crackle, I know I do. And I'm not really into the orange either. There is nothing wrong about still liking crackles, but I feel like you can get so many on clearance for really low prices. Right now China Glaze crackles are only a 1.50 each at Sally Beauty Supply, actually. The other box without crackles is Classic With A Twist, but it has a sheer pink and a brown frost. |I don't like to swear, but seriously, WTF?!?! Two pre-existing colours that don't go together at all? What are you supposed to do with that? A french mani with dirty brown tips? I have no idea. And I don't care about the quick-dry stuff anyways, I feel like it's really easy to find quick dry drops and it's something that I would end up not touching. Besides, aren't Juleps polishes supposed to be quick-dry already?
The only box I like is the Maven's Choice, I actually almost-love the cremes, with the exception of Keira (the burgundy), that's a little eerrr.... for me. It makes me happy though that Julep responded so quickly to everyones dismay about the crackles, though. I have to think about it still, I don't know if those shades are really worth $20 to me. How do you guys feel? Any thoughts on what I should do?

Anyways here are the boxes:

Friday, 14 September 2012

An Open Discussion With Stephanie & Sierra

A random conversation between me and Sierra. Just to prove we're crazy.

Stephanie: You know what whats unfair about men and women?

Sierra: That men can walk around topless, but women can't. ...Not that I'd want to.

Stephanie: Yeah, and you know what sucks? Girls have to have it all, but guys can have a totally have a totally ugly face and all people care about is if they have abs. Like The Situation

Sierra: Ryan gosling totally has it all. He's hot.

Stephanie: Leave my fish alone.

Sierra: Can I feed him?

Stephanie: How much are you feeding him?

Sierra: This much.

Stephanie: Sierra, that's way to much, I don't want him fat, give him like, two pieces.

Sierra: fine... (to Bubbles) EAT IT EAT!!!!!!! YAY!

Stephanie: Sigh...

Sierra: Can I feed another piece?

Stephanie: Fine.

Sierra: Yay! (dramatic pause) He's not eating it.

Stephanie: He's full, leave him alone. Oooh, wait, listen, McDonald's is giving away free coffee. (yells out window to mother) MOM! I want a free coffee from McDonald's!

Sierra: I don't trust you with coffee, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, I don't trust you with Nestea. Or cookies.

Sierra: I'm still upset about you finishing my cookies.

Stephanie: Sierra, they were my cookies and they were finished -by you- last time you came over.

Sierra: Yeah, well.... (more dramatic pausing) I want more.

Stephanie: Le sigh.

Monday, 3 September 2012

I'm Back! Miss Me Much?!?!

hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!! its me :) im back. told you i'd be back. no? you dont remember me? fine. ... ... ... Sierra Von Ruffles Le Awesome? remember? yes? ok good :) wait! oh no! stepanie just said she has no cookies left! now where am i going to get my amazing writing powers? not from vegetables thats for sure. well anyways its been a while since i've posted anything but im here now. not because i have some big news to tell you guys but because im super duper duper bored and im at stephanie's house. no wait i do have big news. well i wouldn't consider it big news unless you do not currently read stephanie's blog on a regular basis (if you dont go read it now!). ok so now for my news: stephanie is a crazy nail polish horder. like instead of  a cat lady she could be a nail polish lady. but i dont know i think its kinda cool ... but mostly crazy. oh you want to know my story of the summer? i went to Guyana!!!!!!! (you better know where that is!) yup it was like a 7 hour flight and during those plane rides i discovered something about myself ... i hate planes!! no correction: my stomach and ears hate planes. but you know what? now i finally understand the whole 'how about that airplane food?' joke. for all of you who have never been on an airplane and are wondering what air plane food tastes like just drop some half cooked food on the floor, disobey the 5 second rule and then eat. ... alright well it wasnt that bad but it wasnt good. anyways about Guyana ... one of the best things hands down was seeing random cows just walking around on the street all hours of the day and hearing them moo was even better! but just overall guyana was awesome :) oh oh! so im at stephanie's house right now (but u already knew that) and earlier today we made random people and polar bears and eyeballs out of foam and mine turned out amazingly! ill put a picture of them down below and stephanie is thinking about having a give a way/contest for them and other stuff. so leave comments telling us what you want us to put in the give a way and you could win it for free (and everythings better when its free duh). and of course you guys want the art that i did because who wouldnt? im quite the artist if i may say so myself. i mean check out the polar bear i made its adorable! his name is hunter so he has to be cute! whats you highest sneeze count? mine is one and a half and stephanie's is 21 (yeah i know shes crazy but im still a little jealous) oh something else about my trip to guyana was how many mosquito bites i got. you ready for this? over 65 bites. i lost track after that. but then i came back to canada and i was reading these random facts and i found out that once a mosquito is done sucking your blood it pees on you. yeah gross i know. so then i made the grave relization that i had been peed on more than 65 times. and then i threw up ... just kidding. so anyways on a different note i have this crazy watermelon obbsesion that i only recently discovered. but can you blame me? watermelon is like a yummy fruit that goes with everything and on top of all that they are good for you so its a win win win situation. what do you guys think of the situation? i think hes kinda old and gross to be walking around topless even though he has abs. oh you know who has nice abs? ryan gosling! like i want to be eva longoria just so i could date him. oh oh wanna hear a joke? ok so why did the duck cross the road? .... do you know? do you give? to get to the other slide!! ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ah  ha aha ha ha! im sooo funny!!! ... yeah i dont get it either! so anyways im gunna go if you guys wanna send me like watermelon flavored candy or something thats cool! until next time my freaks!
                                                                                                             - SieRrA :)

Added by Stephanie:
Just so you know where Guyana is :)

Other Pictures to come soon :)

Monday, 27 August 2012

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If any of you ever have a question, comment or concern you'd like to go directly to me, feel free to send me an email at I will be sure to get back to you ASAP, no matter the email. Don't hesitate to send me something or write a comment, I love getting your feedback!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Under $5 Swap List & Blog Sale

Hi!!! I'm currently looking to sell some lovely polishes that I no longer have room for. There's nothing wrong with these, I just no longer have space for them, and don't use them enough to justify keeping. In fact, most of these have never been used, and none have less than 75%. I'm not trying to sell trash, so even though some of these are old they still work perfect :) There's a great selection, everything from vintage Sally Hansen to OPI, and international and HTF brands. I'm selling cremes, shimmers, metallic, magnetics, holos, glitters, crackles... everything you can think of!
Now for shipping. As long as your country allows it, I will ship it to you :) However lost or broken packages are not my responsibility. Sorry!
I am shipping from Canada, so domestic rates will be listed below. List what you want and where you live, I will be able to get a shipping rate to you ASAP. Anyways, shipping for Canada is $2.50 for the first polish, and $1.00 for every one after that. Maximum $10.
As far as buying goes, I accept payments via PayPal. Please gift payments.
Anyways, I am totally open to bundling or haggling, as long as you respect my right to say no. I will definitely throw in something for free if you buy two or three.
Also, as the title suggests, I LOVE to swap (hint, hint- check out my wishlist!), so feel free to ask me, I don't bite.... often :P Anyways, if any of these happen to take your fancy or you just have a question, don't hesitate to email me at or type up a comment here :)
Anyways, here are the polishes.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Ever After, Red Shimmer and Antique Bronze- BN $3
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Ivory Intuition, Cheerful Crimson, Liberated Lilac- BNNU $3

Tres Risk Buy Gold, This Bronze Is For You, Sequins Of Events, You're A Gem- all BN
$1.50 ea or $4.00 for the set.

Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day- BN $3
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails With Nylon- BN $2
Sally Hansen Salon- BN $3
Be Style, Grace and Stilettos, In-Deep-endent Woman- BN $2.50

China Glaze Bond-tastic- BN $4
OPI Turquoise Shatter- BN $3
Blushingham Place (to dots between OPI) $4

MaxFactor Ivory- BN $3.50
Easy Paris Unnamed- BN $1.50
Joe Fresh Sunkissed- Sw-1X $2.50
La Girl (Fruity- Scented) Zesty Citrus- BN $2.50
17 Nail Xtras Glitter Crackle Top Coat- BN $2.50

New York Color Plush Platinum- BN (but has some evaporation, bought it that way) $.50
Revlon Tickled Pink- 75% $2
Borghese Limoncello- 1X $3
Jolly Ranchers Scented Green Apple- BN $2
L'Oreal Stroke Of Midnight- 80% $3
All will be branded with an Really Quite Awesome Sticker except the SH.
All are full.
Purpley Mauve Shimmer- $2.50
Unknown Sally Hansen (I believe it's Maximum Strength Mystical Mauve but am unsure)- $2
Creamy Mint Jelly- $1
Black With Strong Green Shimmer and Holo Glitter- $3.00
Black Jelly With Iridescent Glitter- $3.00

Friday, 24 August 2012


Me and the muchos fabulous Emma from Imagination In Colour recently did a swap and I thought I'd share the goodies with y'all :) Meanwhile, please visit Emma and her lovely blog, she is such a great person and I'm happy to say that she's an amazing friend to me.
She got me 7 (!!!) lovely polishes that aren't available here on my side of the pond and all I can say is that I hope she's as happy with her's as I am with mine.
Here they are, first up being the Barry M's

Nail Effects Black CrocGlitter Nail Paint - Aqua GlitterChameleon Nail Effect - LilacNail Paint - Silvery Lilac
Aqua Glitter, Chameleon Effects in Lilac, Silvery Lilac and Croc Effects in Black

And the gorgeous Model's Own that I've been lemming forever :D

Aqua Violet and Indian Ocean (I KNOW!!!)

And finally something that wasn't on my wishlist, but turned out being something I love.

17 Nail Xtras Black Glitter Crackle Top Coat

So, again... THANK YOU EMMA!

*All pictures were taken from the respected companie's websites,,