Friday, 28 September 2012


Guess what time it is?!?! Giveaway time! Yep, it's Really Quite Awesome's very first giveaway! I just hope you are all as excited as me! I love giveaways and have always dreamt of  having one myself. This is to celebrate a couple things. First off, we have 10 ah-may-zing followers, 11 if you just so happen to count little me. We also have over 1000 (around 1500) pageviews and this is our 51st post! and, as the cherry on top, I have a brand new camera! I know these are tiny, insignificant numbers for some, but for me and my itty, bitty, blog that's hasn't even been around for a whole year, it's pretty big.
Okay, okay, I'm getting a little sentimental, I know. And meanwhile, you're wondering, 'Well what's the prize?!'
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Pretty, Aren't They?
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Sorry this is sideways! I couldn't change it!
Anyways, here are the names of both, and a kitty!
Sorry, she isn't included in the giveaway.
I'll be giving away a bottle of Revlon nail polish in Peach Nectar, a gorgeous peachy shade I picked up specially for this giveaway, so sadly I don't have a personal bottle to show to you how awesome it is, but it looks like a beautiful polish that'd work well on a wide array of skin tones and nail lengths. I also wanted to add a gorgeous Canadian beauty, a lovely Joe Fresh Cheek Tint in my favourite colour of the range; Cherry. I cannot rave enough about this product. It's a perfect sheer wash of colour that's easily buildable, if you want more of a pop of colour. While I don't have a NARS The Multiple, nor have ever had one, I don't think this cheap little tints are shabby either. I know these say they are meant for cheeks, but I find the shape, size and texture makes it perfect for the lips too. And since I like to over do it, there will also be some surprises thrown in. Like what,
If we do get enough entries, I'll expand the prize pool and add some more winners, too.
Have I convinced you to enter yet? If so, feel free to use the rafflecopter widget below. Just a few rules before we start, though. The Internet is international, so my giveaway is too, just be aware of rules your country may have. As much as I want to be able to buy you a new set if anything were to happen, I cannot be responsible for anything that happens to the product once it leaves my hands. This includes if it gets lost, stolen or broken, sorry. Please do not cheat, I will be deleting false entries. And if I get a person trying to enter twice, I will delete allow both entries. The only sponsor of this giveaway is moi, and I spent my money to purchase both items, and my money is covering shipping costs too. I think that everything, so with that I say,

Click Here To Enter With Rafflecopter!

UPDATE: I've heard that some of you are having trouble witht the pictures, so here they are again if the first set won't load for you.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Want Some Free Polish?

Freebie Alert!
KM Nail Manufacture is giving away some free french manicure sets on their facebook page. These little kits included a base/topcoat, a sheer pink and a french white for tips. There are also some  tip guides sticker guides included.
Interested? Just click right here and sign up.
And just so you know, Obviously, I cannot guarentee 100% that this is spam free, but there are people who have claimed to have received it, plus it doesn't ask for anything more than a shipping address. I wanted to share this with you because I think this is a great freebie for us nail junkies, and I know I am eagerly awaiting mine.
Again, get them on their facebook page here.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Julep October Boxes

Hey guys, I just wanted to say I'm sorry I haven't been doing more. Unfortunately, I'm really busy with school right now. I am pushing myself to post at least 3 times every two weeks, so hopefully that will start happening and I can increase the goal a little. I have made some extra posts though, just for something to fall back to if I don't have time or material.

Anyways, Julep introduced us to their October lineup today. What do I think of it. Well, I'm starting to become a little disheartened with Julep. As much as I love the idea, the execution is falling a little flat. And as much as I'd love to tell you that their boxes are always amazing, I can't do that without lying... which is something I don't want to do, because that goes against the very idea of blogging, in my mind.

So what did they do this month?

No, I'm not joking... but it gets better. We're not talking about glitter crackles or leather-effect crackles, we're talking about a white, a black, a silver and an orange. I don't know about you but I think everyone that ever liked crackles already has a black, white AND silver crackle, I know I do. And I'm not really into the orange either. There is nothing wrong about still liking crackles, but I feel like you can get so many on clearance for really low prices. Right now China Glaze crackles are only a 1.50 each at Sally Beauty Supply, actually. The other box without crackles is Classic With A Twist, but it has a sheer pink and a brown frost. |I don't like to swear, but seriously, WTF?!?! Two pre-existing colours that don't go together at all? What are you supposed to do with that? A french mani with dirty brown tips? I have no idea. And I don't care about the quick-dry stuff anyways, I feel like it's really easy to find quick dry drops and it's something that I would end up not touching. Besides, aren't Juleps polishes supposed to be quick-dry already?
The only box I like is the Maven's Choice, I actually almost-love the cremes, with the exception of Keira (the burgundy), that's a little eerrr.... for me. It makes me happy though that Julep responded so quickly to everyones dismay about the crackles, though. I have to think about it still, I don't know if those shades are really worth $20 to me. How do you guys feel? Any thoughts on what I should do?

Anyways here are the boxes:

Friday, 14 September 2012

An Open Discussion With Stephanie & Sierra

A random conversation between me and Sierra. Just to prove we're crazy.

Stephanie: You know what whats unfair about men and women?

Sierra: That men can walk around topless, but women can't. ...Not that I'd want to.

Stephanie: Yeah, and you know what sucks? Girls have to have it all, but guys can have a totally have a totally ugly face and all people care about is if they have abs. Like The Situation

Sierra: Ryan gosling totally has it all. He's hot.

Stephanie: Leave my fish alone.

Sierra: Can I feed him?

Stephanie: How much are you feeding him?

Sierra: This much.

Stephanie: Sierra, that's way to much, I don't want him fat, give him like, two pieces.

Sierra: fine... (to Bubbles) EAT IT EAT!!!!!!! YAY!

Stephanie: Sigh...

Sierra: Can I feed another piece?

Stephanie: Fine.

Sierra: Yay! (dramatic pause) He's not eating it.

Stephanie: He's full, leave him alone. Oooh, wait, listen, McDonald's is giving away free coffee. (yells out window to mother) MOM! I want a free coffee from McDonald's!

Sierra: I don't trust you with coffee, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, I don't trust you with Nestea. Or cookies.

Sierra: I'm still upset about you finishing my cookies.

Stephanie: Sierra, they were my cookies and they were finished -by you- last time you came over.

Sierra: Yeah, well.... (more dramatic pausing) I want more.

Stephanie: Le sigh.

Monday, 3 September 2012

I'm Back! Miss Me Much?!?!

hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!! its me :) im back. told you i'd be back. no? you dont remember me? fine. ... ... ... Sierra Von Ruffles Le Awesome? remember? yes? ok good :) wait! oh no! stepanie just said she has no cookies left! now where am i going to get my amazing writing powers? not from vegetables thats for sure. well anyways its been a while since i've posted anything but im here now. not because i have some big news to tell you guys but because im super duper duper bored and im at stephanie's house. no wait i do have big news. well i wouldn't consider it big news unless you do not currently read stephanie's blog on a regular basis (if you dont go read it now!). ok so now for my news: stephanie is a crazy nail polish horder. like instead of  a cat lady she could be a nail polish lady. but i dont know i think its kinda cool ... but mostly crazy. oh you want to know my story of the summer? i went to Guyana!!!!!!! (you better know where that is!) yup it was like a 7 hour flight and during those plane rides i discovered something about myself ... i hate planes!! no correction: my stomach and ears hate planes. but you know what? now i finally understand the whole 'how about that airplane food?' joke. for all of you who have never been on an airplane and are wondering what air plane food tastes like just drop some half cooked food on the floor, disobey the 5 second rule and then eat. ... alright well it wasnt that bad but it wasnt good. anyways about Guyana ... one of the best things hands down was seeing random cows just walking around on the street all hours of the day and hearing them moo was even better! but just overall guyana was awesome :) oh oh! so im at stephanie's house right now (but u already knew that) and earlier today we made random people and polar bears and eyeballs out of foam and mine turned out amazingly! ill put a picture of them down below and stephanie is thinking about having a give a way/contest for them and other stuff. so leave comments telling us what you want us to put in the give a way and you could win it for free (and everythings better when its free duh). and of course you guys want the art that i did because who wouldnt? im quite the artist if i may say so myself. i mean check out the polar bear i made its adorable! his name is hunter so he has to be cute! whats you highest sneeze count? mine is one and a half and stephanie's is 21 (yeah i know shes crazy but im still a little jealous) oh something else about my trip to guyana was how many mosquito bites i got. you ready for this? over 65 bites. i lost track after that. but then i came back to canada and i was reading these random facts and i found out that once a mosquito is done sucking your blood it pees on you. yeah gross i know. so then i made the grave relization that i had been peed on more than 65 times. and then i threw up ... just kidding. so anyways on a different note i have this crazy watermelon obbsesion that i only recently discovered. but can you blame me? watermelon is like a yummy fruit that goes with everything and on top of all that they are good for you so its a win win win situation. what do you guys think of the situation? i think hes kinda old and gross to be walking around topless even though he has abs. oh you know who has nice abs? ryan gosling! like i want to be eva longoria just so i could date him. oh oh wanna hear a joke? ok so why did the duck cross the road? .... do you know? do you give? to get to the other slide!! ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ah  ha aha ha ha! im sooo funny!!! ... yeah i dont get it either! so anyways im gunna go if you guys wanna send me like watermelon flavored candy or something thats cool! until next time my freaks!
                                                                                                             - SieRrA :)

Added by Stephanie:
Just so you know where Guyana is :)

Other Pictures to come soon :)