Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Nails

I haven't done too many Christmassy things with my nails this year. Between my rat dying, and my hedgehog passing away last night, I haven't been feeling too 'in the Christmas mood' as of late. But I have done one mani I wanted to share with y'all. A very Christmassy combo of Wet N Wilds Red Red and Orly's mermaid tale. One coat of Red Red, and one of Mermaid Tale. Despite the fact I've had my Wet N Wild forever, and it thickening up a little, neither polish had application issues. Mermaid Tale is a gorgeous holo green glitter, and I love that it's enough glitter to get opaque, but is still awesome for layering. And I cannot say enough good things about Wet N Wild's Wild Shine polishes. They are super cheap, and have great formulas. They don't have too many colours, and next to none are really out there, but for as little as $.50 they are great basic colours.
This is in natural light. Whenever the sun comes out I love to take pictures, as they come out nowhere as nice if taken in artificial lights. The only problem has been is in the winter it's dark when I leave for school, and dark when I get home.
The last picture is the most colour accurate.


  1. Really cool combo! I love thar Orly glitter :D


    1. Yeah it's kinda ugly kitschy in a pretty way :) Oh I make no sense...

  2. Yeah it's kinda ugly kitschy in a really pretty way :) oh I make no sense...