Wednesday, 3 October 2012

An English, Indian Ocean.

I figured my first swatch should be my favourite colour. Only problem is that I don't have a favourite colour, I love all the polishes I own, or I don't own them, LOL.
However, with that said, one of the jewels of my collection is Indian Ocean; from Model's Own fabulous Beetlejuice Collection, a gorgeous polish from a wonderful friend of mine, the lovely Emma at Imagination in Colour. Model's Own is a British brand, so I was incredibly happy to be able to get this.
This is two coats layered over Joe Fresh Wave, another very pretty polish that goes with Indian Ocean perfectly. Natural light.
I loved Indian Ocean and first sight, and while some people can't stand having to layer polishes, it really doesn't matter to me. Especially when the end result is as pretty as this. The duochrome is much more visible in real life, it's quite amazing to have such a strong shift in such a light polish. This is definitely true love for me.
Price- £5.00 (for 14 ml)
Where To Buy- (international shipping)
3-Free?- Sadly not.
Cruelty-Free?- Yes.
Bottom Line- I'd love to see someone try to take this from me, it's not going anywhere!
Are you a fan of layering polishes? What's your favorite International brand?


  1. Love this!! I don't mind layering polishes if the end result is gorgeous <3

    I don't have a favorite international brand because I've never tried anything international, lol.

    1. Same with me. Layering polishes are a real lovie it or hate it thing, and I'm definitley on the love side :)
      Well I hope you get some soon LOL.

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! I feel like I'm going through a real blue kick lately. Thanks!

  3. This polish is gorgeous! I don't own any Models Own, but that is going to change soon :)

    1. It should! I love Models Own, they make such amazing colours and have some awesome sauce collections right now.

  4. Wow! This polish nail is so so beautiful! You have amazing nails btw.