Thursday, 1 November 2012

And The Winner Is...

I hopw y'all had a great halloween. Besides  the rain it was super fun. I'd love to show you pictures of the cotumes, and my super awesome nail art, but during Frankenstorm, a window broke open and broke my camera/ipad in the process.
Anyways, happy hump day to all of you not-celebrating folks!
Now onto the giveaway. However, before I annouce the winner, I'd like to give you my thoughts on it. If you don't care, feel free to scroll down to the bottom, but honestly, I hope you weren't the winner, and someone who truly enjoys all of the blog wins.
Overall, I think everything turned out beautifully. Not many false entries, and no other major troubles. There were some troubles I had, mostly in the form of people who were just here for a freebie. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with you learning about the blog because of a giveaway, and decide to follow because of it or whatever. It's the people who don't care at all about the blog that bug me. People who say to not add additional info because they actually have to read it before they submit and they don't want to take that long. that write a comment like 'COOL!' or 'Nice Giveaway :)' that annoy me. I just really love this blog, my little corner of the internet for everything I like and care about.
Also, please look at what the site is actually about. If you even just scroll down, you can tell this blog has nothing to do with clothing. So, obviously, I will not be doing clothing giveaways anytime soon. Sorry, but that's the truth. Please also don't say I should be doing things that have nothing to do with the blog either. AKA, no face mask or shampoo or eye cream reviews and everything else like that. And no giveaways for those either. Think about it. You wouldn't expect that from anything else, so don't expect it from me. But really, would you expect them to be giving away maternity items from a small pet convention? No, so please don't expect that from me. Thanks.
Also, I doubt I'd ever do Paypal/Ebay/Visa cash and giftcard giveaways, simply because you don't get people who care about what the blog is about. I won't say all, but alot of people on those giveaways just want the money to buy something completly un-related. I'm not promising anything, just don't hold your breath please.
Somethings just won't change. I've gotten alot of conflicting opinions on certain things, and in that case, my opinion rules. For example, the stars that are the background. I had one person person tell me they loved them and another that they couldn't stand them. I'm really loving them right now, and not everything will change if one person doesn't agree. Heck, I'd end up having a person tell me they didn't like nail polish and wouldn't be able to do anything :P
I would like to thank all the lovelies that were so kind, I even had some of you offer to help me out, and said I could email any time. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. It's so nice to see such amazing people that are so amazingly kind. I am beyond words, and this is why I do these things, to show how much I love you all.

Anyways, before I get into something else, without any further adieu, THE WINNER IS....


Congrats Yozellyn! I am contacting you right now. You have 48 hours to respond and claim your prize, so do it quickly before someone else can grab it!

Thanks so much guys! Stay tuned for more great things :D


  1. Replies
    1. Hi yozellyn, I'm sorry to say, but I have been trying to contact you for the past week, and have not received a single reply from you. Unfortunately, I have had no choice but to draw another winner.

    2. I actually sent you two emails alrdy 2 and 3 nov and some other comments.. hehe maybe you didn't receive it .. well i guess it's my bad.. hehe thanks anyway :*

    3. Sorry I didn't reply sooner.
      I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I tried to communicate with you through both the email addresses that were provided, but recieved no replies from either address. As much as I would have loved to have waited longer for you to respond, I had set rules and told myself that everyone had to abide by them, myself included. By the time you had put out the comments, your deadline had already passed as this post was posted one day late, and I had contacted you on the 31st of October.
      Again, I apoligize that this could not work out, and hope that I have not lost you as a reader due to this unfortunate mix-up. I'll try to think of something to do to fix this situation as best I can, because trust me, I did not want this to happen with my first giveaway either.