Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Hey Everyone!!!
I've been very busy working on a bunch of things. Hopefully everything will work out and be up soon :)
Today we have a gorgeously amazingtastic colour, Australis Speck-tacular. I suggest you find an Aussie friend (Hi Sammi!!!), because you need this. It's an excellent drugstore flakie, and I am so happy this isn't another 2010/Shine Of The Times/Hidden Treasure/ Blahblahblah dupe. It's more along the line of Fingerpaints Asylum, a HTF, yay!
Anyways, I'll let the pictures do the talking. No formula issues, indoor lighting, three thin coats over 2 of Joe Fresh Denim, another favorite of mine.
Here it is!!!

Friday, 19 April 2013

March Haul!

Middle of April? Yep, I should probably put up my monthly haul for March...
LOL. Hello lovelies! How have you been? It is freezing here. I'm not even kidding! We should not have snow on the ground in April...
Anyways, here is my March haul. I got a bunch of gorgeous polishes, especially the ones on my super crazy lemming list! I've almost completed my collection of the very elusive Color Club Scentsuos collection! Three are in my helmer, one's on the way and I only need two more! Yay!
Also, many of these were an amazing price, so yay! I am definitely going to be slowing down though, I'm going to try to buy only ones on my wish list, or possibly ones that are super crazy cheap, and try to use some of these.
Anyways, enough said! Onto the polish :D

I must say, I was very disappointed with China Glaze's behaviour towards a couple nail bloggers, including my beloved Vampy Varnish. I love China Glaze though, so while I'm trying not to buy them I don't think it's going to be a quick easy quit. So I'm slowing down and eventually going to stop, LOL. I got these for about a dollar each in the Ombre kit in Wait Teal You See. Pictured are White On White, Aquadelic, For Audrey, and Turned Up Turquoise, which I cannot get an accurate picture of...

Next up are a couple random things. I got the Zoya Jellies collection from Winners for about $10. I've wanted to try these so I'm happy. I also got It's Totally Fort Worth It, and Big Hair... Big Nails from OPI's Texas Collection. These were BOGO, so I couldn't resist. Finally is a bottle of Essence's Chic Reloaded. I love Essence, and despite how I despise of their new bottles, I couldn`t bare to leave a spectacular $2 multichrome at the store.

An amazing package from Sammi, all the way over in Australia. I had a secret Valentine`s Day swap, and could not have gotten a better partner. Such a great mistake since we both had different partners originally, which is why this is a month late. Do you see all the gorgeous?!?! I can`t tell you what I got her, but I hope she enjoys hers half as much as me!
Here`s Picture Polish Mask-A-Rade, Ozotic 503, Ulta3 Jelly,  New Years Eve, Luck Of The Irish and Citrus. Finally pictured is Australis Spectacular.

Here`s the cherry on top of March! I was so happy to be able to get these from Bee. I was literally screaming with joy when I found these. We`ve had some minor troubles with her package, hopefully all is sorted out soon. But look at these! Pure scented gorgeous-ness :D And she added in an Essence! Happy squee! Here are Essence Ultimate Pink, Color Club Sugar Plum Yum and Gingerbread Man.

Thanks for tagging along with me this month! Did you get any lemmings? If so, tell below!

Sunday, 14 April 2013


Yo homies!
LOL, anyways it's great to be finally doing this! But first, hello everyone! Also, I must apoligize for my lack of posting, I have been pretty busy in my real life, and although I can respect that others may disagree, I think my life offline will always be more important that online life! Sorry! I hope you can understand :) Anyways, there are lots of thing in plan for this blog, mainly me wanting to branch out from nails a little. Now don't worry, there will still be lots of polish! But if you look at my early posts there are other things going on. Basically, I'd like to do some non-polish posts, in addition to swatches and NOTD. And I am working on nail art a little, hoped you like my rainbow easter nails because there will be more! Also, I am working on new ways to follow. I set up a Hello Cotton set but now they're gone so I will be setting up some other things, but for now there is GFC at least! I'm also working at some blog only social media accounts.
Now on to the real purpose of this post; the winners of my giveaway! Yay! I can't believe it took this long but I needed my laptop for this (most of my posts on written using the Blogger App on my beloved iPad) so it took a bit longer. But better late than never :D
I'd have to say that this was a excellent giveaway! I was very happy with the results and although there were A LOT of spammy entries (I grew a thick skin after my first giveaway) there were a lot of real ones. I really appreciate the people who took time to write out thoughtful comments, you could tell! So cheers to you! And they were the people who ultimatly won. I mean, it's not a valid entry if you don't do what's instructed. And when it asks for you to write something and you say 'Great Giveaway!!! :D', that's not doing what's instructed. Sorry, but too bad!
Also, I didn't think I had to say this, but please don't write links in comments. If you want me to check out your blog, write an email and I will be sure to do so. But comments will get deleted.
And now, what everyone has been waiting for! The Winners! These lovely girls have been contacted and have responded, so their goodies will be sent out ASAP. And here they are! Also, their is a 4th winner, as I promised if I got enough followers. Her name isn't showing up on the widget but it is Marlia R. I will try to add her on the rafflecopter, but just a disclaimer.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who entered, and an even bigger thanks to my super awesome followers! You guys make this journey so much more fun and exciting! Hopefully you feel the same :) You are all deserving of the title, Really Quite Awesome!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Late Easter

Hey guys! Hope you had a good laugh with my April Fools Joke. It wasn't the best but I thought it was pretty funny :D Just a joke though, to anyone who thought otherwise!
Anyways, it's a little late, but here's my Easter mani. I know you guys have been interested in more nail art, and I figured -while I'll still mainly be swatches and I'm never gonna be a crazy nail art person- I'd show you a little something here and there :D
I decided to do a simple pastel rainbow gradient manicure. There are a bazillion tutorials out there, so I won't right one out , but if your interested I'll post a couple links to good ones.
For this mani I used Nails Inc Nottingham Carnival, Julep Courtney, Joe Fresh Wave and Julep Renee, in that order. I used a plain white creme polish as a base for opacity.
As a first attempt, this was pretty simple. It didn't take much longer than a normal mani and the design makes it super easy to mess up, but still have it turn out great :) this looks a bit worn, I only got a chance to take pics 3-4 days after! Sorry!
Here it is!

Monday, 1 April 2013

New Giveaway!

Hey guys! So as you may have seen, I haven't been around much. There's been a reason. I can't tell you too much, but I've received the opportunity of a lifetime with the government. So why I am I posting this here? Well because I'll no longer be here, you too will be able to receive the opportunity of a lifetime, or rather my lifetime. See, I'm giving away my life :) I'll need someone to take over everything for me, and what could possibly be better than a giveaway?!?!?! If you win, you'll get everything from my house, to my nail polish, cosmetics, clothes, money, my cat, fish tank, and guinea pigs :D And of course this blog!!! Everything! It doesn't matter what you do with it, I will no longer be around to care. But I figure that wouldn't it be awesome for someone to receive it?
Anyways, without further adieu, heres the rafflecopter! Good luck!!! And have a great rest of your lives everyone :D

a Rafflecopter giveaway