Thursday, 20 September 2012

Julep October Boxes

Hey guys, I just wanted to say I'm sorry I haven't been doing more. Unfortunately, I'm really busy with school right now. I am pushing myself to post at least 3 times every two weeks, so hopefully that will start happening and I can increase the goal a little. I have made some extra posts though, just for something to fall back to if I don't have time or material.

Anyways, Julep introduced us to their October lineup today. What do I think of it. Well, I'm starting to become a little disheartened with Julep. As much as I love the idea, the execution is falling a little flat. And as much as I'd love to tell you that their boxes are always amazing, I can't do that without lying... which is something I don't want to do, because that goes against the very idea of blogging, in my mind.

So what did they do this month?

No, I'm not joking... but it gets better. We're not talking about glitter crackles or leather-effect crackles, we're talking about a white, a black, a silver and an orange. I don't know about you but I think everyone that ever liked crackles already has a black, white AND silver crackle, I know I do. And I'm not really into the orange either. There is nothing wrong about still liking crackles, but I feel like you can get so many on clearance for really low prices. Right now China Glaze crackles are only a 1.50 each at Sally Beauty Supply, actually. The other box without crackles is Classic With A Twist, but it has a sheer pink and a brown frost. |I don't like to swear, but seriously, WTF?!?! Two pre-existing colours that don't go together at all? What are you supposed to do with that? A french mani with dirty brown tips? I have no idea. And I don't care about the quick-dry stuff anyways, I feel like it's really easy to find quick dry drops and it's something that I would end up not touching. Besides, aren't Juleps polishes supposed to be quick-dry already?
The only box I like is the Maven's Choice, I actually almost-love the cremes, with the exception of Keira (the burgundy), that's a little eerrr.... for me. It makes me happy though that Julep responded so quickly to everyones dismay about the crackles, though. I have to think about it still, I don't know if those shades are really worth $20 to me. How do you guys feel? Any thoughts on what I should do?

Anyways here are the boxes:


  1. I skipped....i really wanted in on the secret shop but wasn't going to pay $20 on stuff I didn't want so that I could possibly pay more.

    1. Yeah, same with me. I really was interested in the Secret Shop, but I figured I'd end up spending more than the polishes would be regularly when you added the additional $20.00. And I really don't need anymore unwanted polishes to collect dust and waste money.
      At least we can look forward to the day (month?) when we have Suedes. Or those new chunky glitters from them at Sephora... ooohhhh.

  2. The Halloween boxes were so tempting!