Sunday, 26 August 2012

Under $5 Swap List & Blog Sale

Hi!!! I'm currently looking to sell some lovely polishes that I no longer have room for. There's nothing wrong with these, I just no longer have space for them, and don't use them enough to justify keeping. In fact, most of these have never been used, and none have less than 75%. I'm not trying to sell trash, so even though some of these are old they still work perfect :) There's a great selection, everything from vintage Sally Hansen to OPI, and international and HTF brands. I'm selling cremes, shimmers, metallic, magnetics, holos, glitters, crackles... everything you can think of!
Now for shipping. As long as your country allows it, I will ship it to you :) However lost or broken packages are not my responsibility. Sorry!
I am shipping from Canada, so domestic rates will be listed below. List what you want and where you live, I will be able to get a shipping rate to you ASAP. Anyways, shipping for Canada is $2.50 for the first polish, and $1.00 for every one after that. Maximum $10.
As far as buying goes, I accept payments via PayPal. Please gift payments.
Anyways, I am totally open to bundling or haggling, as long as you respect my right to say no. I will definitely throw in something for free if you buy two or three.
Also, as the title suggests, I LOVE to swap (hint, hint- check out my wishlist!), so feel free to ask me, I don't bite.... often :P Anyways, if any of these happen to take your fancy or you just have a question, don't hesitate to email me at or type up a comment here :)
Anyways, here are the polishes.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Ever After, Red Shimmer and Antique Bronze- BN $3
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Ivory Intuition, Cheerful Crimson, Liberated Lilac- BNNU $3

Tres Risk Buy Gold, This Bronze Is For You, Sequins Of Events, You're A Gem- all BN
$1.50 ea or $4.00 for the set.

Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day- BN $3
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails With Nylon- BN $2
Sally Hansen Salon- BN $3
Be Style, Grace and Stilettos, In-Deep-endent Woman- BN $2.50

China Glaze Bond-tastic- BN $4
OPI Turquoise Shatter- BN $3
Blushingham Place (to dots between OPI) $4

MaxFactor Ivory- BN $3.50
Easy Paris Unnamed- BN $1.50
Joe Fresh Sunkissed- Sw-1X $2.50
La Girl (Fruity- Scented) Zesty Citrus- BN $2.50
17 Nail Xtras Glitter Crackle Top Coat- BN $2.50

New York Color Plush Platinum- BN (but has some evaporation, bought it that way) $.50
Revlon Tickled Pink- 75% $2
Borghese Limoncello- 1X $3
Jolly Ranchers Scented Green Apple- BN $2
L'Oreal Stroke Of Midnight- 80% $3
All will be branded with an Really Quite Awesome Sticker except the SH.
All are full.
Purpley Mauve Shimmer- $2.50
Unknown Sally Hansen (I believe it's Maximum Strength Mystical Mauve but am unsure)- $2
Creamy Mint Jelly- $1
Black With Strong Green Shimmer and Holo Glitter- $3.00
Black Jelly With Iridescent Glitter- $3.00

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