Saturday, 17 November 2012

Julep December Sneek Peak!

Hey guys!
Sorry I've been MIA, it's been midterms, and I have been coming home dead tired most days :)
I just wanted to do a quick post today, a sneek peak from Julep Maven. I have to say, two months in a row of awesome boxes! First the suedes, which I am eagerly awaiting (It always takes longer for Canadians, and storm probably is just elongatng the wait) and now more glitters!
I have to say, I am impressed. If Julep continues like this, I will be broke very quickly. Also, may I add how cool the ring idea is! I love that they give us a blank ring to do up ourselves, with whatever colour or pattern we choose. Very cool. I just hope they're are adjustable, so they can fit everyone's fingers. Anyways, here's the preview. Oh, how I wish I was a sneek peak maven.

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