Sunday, 22 December 2013

All I Want for Christmas is Thos Colour To Photograph Correctly!

Do you ever just realize you have the most amazing friends ever? I had a Christmas party on Friday and literally got the best gifts ever. Hailey, Emily, Andrew, Kamal, Victoria and Melissa, I do not deserve you. Thank you so much!
Anyways, I wore this lovely mani of turned up turquoise by China Glaze and Ulta3 Luck of The Irish. Yup, I wear St Patricks nail polish for Christmas, gotta problem?
Anyways, I can NEVER get TUT to photograph correctly to colour, and if I tried to correct it, it just ended up messing up LotI. Soooo.... Anyways, TUT is much more green in real life, but still distinctively turquoise. LotI is a gorgeous bright pure green. No anything, just green. This is 3 coats of the China Glaze, 2 coats of the Ulta3. Artificial lighting.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Cinnamon From Santa

it's a major pet peeve of mine when Christmas stuff starts crazy early. It's like, can we please get through November first? At least wait until the kiddos get the candy and the pumpkins come down.
But I will wear seasonal nail colours all year round, with some exceptions, of course :)
This is Santas Cinnamon, a red glitter suspended in a red jelly base. 3 thin coats, though two thick would work (though that tends to deposit less glitter). The ending result for these types of glitter is to some extent, exactly the same, so you could easily use the NYC polish since this is long gone, but this has a great formula, and best of all, smells like cinnamon, which makes it unique to all the other clones.
If you can get it, do it now. This collection was like my favorite, and I am still going crazy for the two I still need.
However, don't sweat to much if you syl really want it, as there are a million other lookalikes out there :)