Sunday, 24 March 2013

Kiss Me Mistletoe

Wow guys, long time no talk! I had some issues with blogger but they have all been resolved :)
I show a lot of Color Club, don't I? But it's one of my favourite brands. It used to tie with China Glaze but there Hologlam just can't compare to the Halo Hues. Julep and Essence are close seconds, but i love everything about Color Club :D
Anyways, this collection is one of my favorites. I'd say these are all pretty HTF, but I've managed to claim 4 out of 6. Win!
Kiss Me Mistletoe is a gorgeous green foil that smells like Christmas trees :) Only two coats for my long nails to show no nail line. Color Club Perfect Molten is an exact dupe for this, in case the smell bugs you.
Cheers until next time!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Get Yourself a Bottle Or Two :D

Hey guys! Just want to let you know giveaway winners have been selected and will be up very shortly, just as soon as I get in contact with them and some other people. I'm so happy there were so many entries and such a big response. Great to know I'm doing something right :) However, I just recently redid my blog sale/ swap with new polishes and pictures (see! I told y'all! I don't break my promises that easily!), and I'd love if you took a look and it. Hey, maybe something will catch your attention and you'll end up with a gorgeous, cheap polish :)
Ta ta for now lovelies!

Monday, 11 March 2013

January + February Haul!!!

You know what time it is! That's right, the time where I show off all the casualties of my addiction. I did have a nobuy in February (that was successful, may I add), but I did receive a few polishes for my birthday, so it wasn't a polish-less month :P January was a pretty big month, I got a bunch. But majority of these polishes came from two blog sales, so I wasn't that bad ;)
Anyways, I am way too good at pointless gab. Let's get to the polish, don't we?

Here is the Miscellaneous stuff from January. I already blogged about the green Zoya; Mitzi, which I grabbed from Trade Secrets for $5. Being the Julep addict I am, I had to get three more. I'm not as bad as you think though! I won Kathleen, Chelsea and Viola (clockwise from top left) from a giveaway :) I've been saving up my Jules for a full nail wardrobe one month, so the Juleps should -in theory- slow down for a little bit. Lastly are these two Ruby Wings in Birdie and Wildflower I got from Winners for a dollar each. Yes! You heard that right! Only two bucks for the both of them :D They aren't too different, but I've wanted these forever and they were such a steal that I couldn't pass them up.

One of my blog sale swap hauls. I swapped with Amanda from Fashion Footing for these babies. Sadly, her blog sale is finished, but she had 6 polishes for $22 shipped! That's like the price of the Illamasqua alone! I went a little over the budget for her stuff (oops!) but she gave me the OPI mini set as only one polish, and added in the Revlon for nothing, so it was so worth it :D From right to left here's OPI Number One Nemesis, Essie Wicked, Revlon Pineapple Fizz, Sephora By OPI Matte Top Coat, OPI Stranger Tides, OPI Just Spotted The Lizard, Illamasqua Gamma, OPI Into The Night, and Sally Hansen HD Byte. Whoo, that was a mouthful! What a great deal though, huh? It was more than I wanted to buy/spend, but can you blame me for jumping on this deal?

Now is a couple of things from Ashley's blog sale (she has taken a indefinite hiatus, but she's an awesome blogger so I hope she's back soon!). I swapped these from her, and am super happy considering I got two huge lemmings, Electric Eel and Kiss Me Mistletoe, along with a bunch of other wants! Can you say yay?!?! I sure can :D Here are Electric Eel by OPI, GR8 by China Glaze, Kiss Me Mistletoe by China Glaze, Pull Me Close by China Glaze, and Chunky Holo Black and Twinkly Love, both by Kleancolor.

Finally, the goodies from my lovely birthday! Me and a couple friends acted much younger than we should, and spent a day at Playdium. I'm so happy I got the two OPI Liquid Sands, I put out many, many hints about them and was thrilled when I saw them. I also must add that the blue Physician's Formula is a jelly! Win! Anyways, here are OPI Stay The Night and Get Your Number, Sephora+Pantone Universe Reflecting Pond, A.Co Ultra Party, and Physician's Formula Fashion Icon
Set (they don't have individual names, sorry!).

Wow! That was way more than I thought I had grabbed! Oops! But it isn't too bad when you think of it. It is 30 polishes, but spread over two months. Plus... I really only bought three, and two of those were a dollar each. Justified! LOL, spoken in the true words of an addict :P
Also, sorry it's such a long post! Cheers to you if you read to the end!
So, what did you get this month? Do you ever go on Nobuys? Are you successful with them?

Saturday, 2 March 2013


Hey Everybody!
I'm trying to clean out my folders and use all my old pictures, and this is a real old picture, lemme tell you! This is actually the first polish I took a picture of, and it was used as underwear for my very first NOTD, which was Indian Ocean, btw :)
Anyways, Joe Fresh Wave is a truly gorgeous colour! It's a very light, baby blue, with some light shimmer :) It was a dream to work with, and only took two coats for full opacity, which is amazing for this light of a colour.
Also, I must add how dark my hands are! Okay, probably not to many people, but I am so darn pasty now, I couldn't believe how tanned my hands looked in this picture, taken in August. Anyways, this is natural light, which I'm aching for now, as pictures come out so much crisper and nicer :)