Friday, 14 September 2012

An Open Discussion With Stephanie & Sierra

A random conversation between me and Sierra. Just to prove we're crazy.

Stephanie: You know what whats unfair about men and women?

Sierra: That men can walk around topless, but women can't. ...Not that I'd want to.

Stephanie: Yeah, and you know what sucks? Girls have to have it all, but guys can have a totally have a totally ugly face and all people care about is if they have abs. Like The Situation

Sierra: Ryan gosling totally has it all. He's hot.

Stephanie: Leave my fish alone.

Sierra: Can I feed him?

Stephanie: How much are you feeding him?

Sierra: This much.

Stephanie: Sierra, that's way to much, I don't want him fat, give him like, two pieces.

Sierra: fine... (to Bubbles) EAT IT EAT!!!!!!! YAY!

Stephanie: Sigh...

Sierra: Can I feed another piece?

Stephanie: Fine.

Sierra: Yay! (dramatic pause) He's not eating it.

Stephanie: He's full, leave him alone. Oooh, wait, listen, McDonald's is giving away free coffee. (yells out window to mother) MOM! I want a free coffee from McDonald's!

Sierra: I don't trust you with coffee, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, I don't trust you with Nestea. Or cookies.

Sierra: I'm still upset about you finishing my cookies.

Stephanie: Sierra, they were my cookies and they were finished -by you- last time you came over.

Sierra: Yeah, well.... (more dramatic pausing) I want more.

Stephanie: Le sigh.


  1. Hi stephanie :). I am interested in swapping those nail polishes with you. Let me know. kristeli10[at]hotmail[dot]com. :)

    Love your blog post btw. :)

    1. Eeek! I can't believe I never replied to this. Could've sworn I did. Anyways, thanks so much for the compliment and glad to know your interested :)