Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Thinking of Pair-A-Dice

Bonjour Mes Amis!
Today I'm showing you a swatch of a lesser known brand, 2 Sisters Cosmetics. One of the things I like is being able to show you brands that don't have a lot of swatches up. I like being able to find swatches, and hate it when I can't find a picture of a specific polish online. Living in Canada, we get nail polish collections later, and I never buy the whole collection. Anyways, I feel like I'd rather show you a polish that you can't find else where, rather than one that was featured on every single blog last week.
Anyways, I really love 2 Sisters Cosmetics. I was having one of those weeks when none of your manis work out, all of them rushed or with bed marks or terrible formulas, and I decided to try out another one of the polishes I won from a giveaway a while ago.
Pair-A-Dice is creamy and amazingly opaque in two thin coats. The colour itself is not very unique, I know of a least 10 versions of hat exact blue, but the shimmer really sets it apart. All of the blues I know that look like this are all cremes. And it isn't normal shimmer either, it's the crushed micro flakie type stuff I adore, that I sadly could not capture. This picture, like all of my swatches, is done with out topcoat. It's pretty glossy on its own, and I recommend not using topcoat, as you really lose a lot of the shimmer. These are pretty well priced at $7.00, a little more expensive than drugstore brands, but well worth it for the colour selection, and the formula of the ones I've tried so far. Also, I like the names. Simple, well thought and cute.
Anyways, we've been going through a really foggy spell, so these pictures are indoor lighting.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Nails Shall Receive The Gift Of Sparkle!

Hello peeps!
LOL, I am so weird! Anyways, exams are officially over, and I have the next week off, which means lots of polish!
Anyways, today we have Color Club's Gift Of Sparkle, a gorgeous blue foil. While not completely unique, this is certainly a very pretty colour, and applies very well, this is only two easily applying coats. I am also really impressed with the brush. I don't care to much about brushes, which is why you don't here much about them here. However, I do have large nails, and appreciated the large brush in the mini bottles.
Also, this is scented. It's hard to put my name on exactly what I smell, but it's a fresh, warm scent. Sally describes it as Sugar cookies and that sounds about right. It has a good amount of scent, but dies down after a day or two. Also, this is the scented Sally's version, there is also a non scented version of this collection, but two colours (including this one) are different. This one is a purple based glitter in the other collection.
Anyways, this is two easy coats in artificial light. I tried my darnedest, but it is a little lighter and more silvery on real life.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Rhinestones + Awesome Polish = Hell To The Yes!!!

Hello everyone!
I'm am writing to at a ridiculously late time, but oh well! I have lots of international readers, so maybe this is a good thing for them...
Anyways, I'm here to show you my 200th nail polish in my collection (not including polishes in my blog sale, future giveaway pile, or ones being sent out for swaps). Anyways, it's such a gorgeous colour, and I think it's perfect for such a milestone. Not to mention its covered in crystals...
Behold, Nail Inc Baker Street Crystal Colour. Holy wow. I recently picked up 2 of these babies (the other one is a gray I forget the name of :/ ) at Sephora for $12 each, aka the same price as a normal Nails Inc., and boy, they are something special. Not to mention I've been lemming Baker Street forever, but the bottles are to die for, especially for someone as sparkle loving as myself.
Anyways, here's 3 coats of Baker street, no topcoat, natural sunlight. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous.

Also, I should add that I am going on a No-Buy for Febuary and March. I have recently bought so many nail polishes, and have done/ am doing so many swaps I figured I should lay low for a month or two. I'm not overspending on polish yet, but I need to use some of my new ones and give myself a break. I have one Melmer right now (with 2 polish drawers) and although I might also get a spice rack or two, I am limiting my storage at that, as I don't think I would be able to fully appreciate any more than that. So other than buying/getting a few more swap polishes, and getting the rest of my stuff for my Blogiversary giveaway, there won't be to many polishes in my near future :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Brit Sure Is Matte

Hello everyone! School's starting back up tomorrow, and exams will be soon, so I may be a little under the radar for a little bit. Trust me, I am dreading it more than you are, :P
Here's the first polish I wore from my collective haul post that I posted a couple days ago- Julep Brit. It was part of their much anticipated Suedes collection, that took way to love for all us mavens liking :) Brit is the silver suede of the collection, and a pretty one at that.
Anyways, suedes and other mattes chip easily by nature, so this isn't a polish that your can wear for days, the same is true for any polish with a matte finish, they just don't bond to the nail very well. There are a couple tricks to prolong your mani though, I like to do a base coat sandwich (base coat, 1 coat of polish, another coat of base, and a final coat of polish). I also make sure it's a strong adhesion base coat. Just a warning though, base coats can slightly affect the polish finish and make application a little trickier, but to me, the pros outweigh the cons.
Also, become a maven for a penny here:
Anyways, onto pictures. Artificial lighting, two coat sandwich method, no topcoat.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013