Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Song of The Week- It's Different in a Good Way

Sorry about that! I think I'm just going to quit with trying with getting blogger to auto post them. Anyways, my favorite song this week is
Mates of States - Running Out
It's different than the music I normally listen too, but I wanted to do a variety of music genres, and this is a great song :) Just different. But it still has that fun upbeat mood, and doesn't contain bucket loads of swearing and PG rated video scenes (actually I don't think it contains any of either). But yeah, it is a fresh change from the songs that have usually been chosen. Which is exactly what I want, since the one thing I'm trying to stay away from is getting in what I like to call a 'song rut', basically playing the same song by different artists. Anyways, enjoy and have a great week. The weather is great here, hope it's the same for you.

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