Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Song of The Week and Why I Sometimes Hate Long Weekends (Sometimes)

Happy Belated Victoria Day! I'm sorry I didn't post this on Monday, I thought it was Sunday. We had a day off of school last Friday, and I thought the same thing happened this week. If your incredibly angry at me, I'm sorry and beware of Summer Vacation, it feels like I can forget what year it is. Anyways, onto this weeks song.

Disappointment - Walk off the Earth

I decided we needed a song by a band this week. Don't ask me why, just go with it. And trust me, this song is anything but disappointing. If Walk Off The Earth sounds familiar to you, they're that cheapo ingeniously crafty group that played and sang Somebody That I Used To Know with 1 guitar and 5 people. So, me being the cheapo ingeniously crafty person that I am, I had to use one of their songs. Have you watched that video, do you like those kinds of things? What about them, you a fan? Anyways.... Enjoy and have a great week! See you later, I promise I will post more, I'm just a lazy person getting use to the commitment of blogging. I'm getting better though, and it's all worth it.

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