Sunday, 20 May 2012

Julep June Boxes

Julep has released their June Maven Box products. Julep has a great beauty subscription program- think Glossybox, Birch Box and The Beauty Test Tube- where you can get three polishes or two polishes and a manicure/pedicure related item for only 19.99. Juleps polish retails for 14.99 on their website, as well as Sephora; their other stuff is usually more expensive. Please beware that this post is picture heavy. Anyways; here are this months products:

And here are the boxes, in case your wondering what each one. You can choose to add up to two add-ons for 4.99- or 9.99 for the cream. To the best of my knowledge, you can also get two or more boxes if that's up your alley.

I love alot of these, but wish you could construct your own box with three items of your choosing; or even could swap out one thing for another. I really like the colors Classic With A Twist, or Boho Glam, but I have very sensitive skin and since I can't try it, I wouldn't want to buy it for fear of getting welts or hives. The only two colors I don't like are both in the It Girl box, and they look similar to ones I have already got (for much cheaper).

Anways, you can also get your first month for 1 cent with free shipping here. This box will be different than the ones pictured above, but for 1 cent? I'd give whatever I'd get a try. Julep has nice nail polish, and they're 15 bucks a pop at Sephora.

This blog post was not sponsored in any way, shape or form.

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