Friday, 4 May 2012

Small Legs = Big Cute

I'll admit it.
I am obsessed with animals with really short legs. They just make me feel all warm and fuzzy; even though my cat is the equivalent of a furry, feline spaghetti noodle. So I thought I'd introduce you to one of the ridiculously cutest breeds of cats.

The Munchkin.

Yes. A cat with teeny tiny legs, it's namesake being those little people from the Magical Land of Oz (think Dorothy, Glenda and the Tin Man; not Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman). They come in three leg sizes, standard, super-short, and rug hugger. And I's loves me some rug huggers.
The Dandie Dinmont should watch out. I have a new stubby legged love.

PS. Sorry for the tardiness, I was volunteering at an adoptathon and forgot about posting this. I know, bad excuse, my LA teacher would not be pleased.

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