Friday, 28 June 2013

Not Such A Secret Anymore

Hey everybody! Another little NOTD that I've been holding onto forever. This is a gorgeous little Essence gem. Seriously, I love the Colour And Go line so much I may just have to suck up my dislike of the new bottles. This is A Lovely Secret by Essence, a pretty little purple with the most gorgeous shimmer. But the weird thing about it is the shimmer isn't shimmery, per say. It's almost like one of those grey undershirts with the craft type pattern. The ones that are a million little flecks of different greys? Well I just lost all of you.
Anyways, this is a cute little purple with a gorgeous formula. Three coats and it was nice and smooth, and it lasted forever without chipping. And it's unique. Ahh, what a dream polish. So sad it's discontinued. If you get the chance, snatch this baby up. Now.
Three coats, natural lighting.

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