Friday, 7 June 2013


I think school is killing me. I mean, it's only 6 more days of it, but it the past little bit that's the hardest. Teachers just love to pile on the crazy homework. Who needs slope anyways?!?! X-y intercept my ass...
Anyways, just a quick post for today. My nails have been going vast amounts of time without polish, hopefully 2+ months of Vacay will remedy that.
Here's China Glaze's Mosiac Madness. 2 coats over Julep Debra. Honestly, I found this collection a little blah. I just don't think anyone really needs 6 of the exact same polish in different colours. A smaller collection or a little bit more uniqueness would have been much appreciated. But it was clearance, so ah well.
Formula was average, a bit thick, but I think that somewhat helped with glitter application.
Anyways, nothing fancy, but a gorgeous polish none the less.
See everybody later! Peace out homedogs!

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