Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Double The Fun

Incase you didn't already figure out I was excited by the surplus of explanation marks (I was thinking 12, but went with a wee bit more subtle).
Anyways, something very exciting has happened here in the RQA household. Last Sunday, we were blessed enough to get a little kitten! Yes, I know! Blue has been home alone longer and longer, and we wanted to get her a little buddy to hang out with. So we drove a couple of hours away, and came home with a fluffy 8 week old bundle of fluff.
Meet Lily.
It's a little different having two cats now, but after a day of two of hiss and run, we now have hours of cuddle, run and wrestle. Lily has fit in perfectly, and she is a gorgeous Snowshoe. We originally wanted another Siamese, but we saw her picture and fell in love. And she still had the little jewel blue eyes.
And yes, she is adopted!!!! We found her on one of the internets best resources, . She is a purebred, her mother and the other kittens were dumped, and they are all perfect snowshoes. Just goes to show you that shelter pets aren't old, unwanted, ugly things. There's an abundance of all animals, including pure breeds, babies and even both in one package! It's no secret that I have been volunteering with Toronto Cat Rescue for years now, and have over a hundred hours logged with them. Shelter pets are definitely the way to go. There's one for everybody and they are usually much cheaper. A pet quality snowshoe easily costs 3x as much as Lily normally, plus she has all her shots, has been microchipped, and will be spayed free of charge. It was all included in the adoption fee.
Anyways, I am giddy. And so is Blue, she loves having a friend. We all get cosy wt night, and they'll lie on me and groom each other. Insert awws here, I know.
Also, in case anyone noticed, yes, she does bear a striking resemblance to Tard, aka Grumpy Cat :P
Look at the pictures, and try not to scream 'IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!' with delight.

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