Friday, 21 June 2013

It's Never Too Late? Right?!?

Eek! DOn't you hate it when you realize you forgot to do soemthing that you really needed to do? I went through one of those when I come up in the middle of the night and realized that I never posted my April Haul! I haven't posted any in a while actually, so in the next short while there's going to be a couple! Yay- if you like them of course- if not, ou have my permission to not read them :) In total, I bought 18 polishes, though 5 of them were free. And knowing me, everything else was pretty cheap. With that said, lets take a look!

I went out to Square One for a free tube of Clinique mascara from the Sephora, and left with a couple of goodies. None of the Icing minis have names, but four out of the five have different kinds of heart glitter, so for $2 all together I couldn't say no. Right? I'm a sucker for cute shaped glitter, Or any glitter, in general... At Sephora I got a Hello Kitty nail polish in Blueberry (because I love blue and am a crazy cat lady), and a Sephora+Pantone in Rose Gold. They were both an additional 15% off, so they came out to just over $6 together. Woot!

I know how I've been having some issues with China Glaze's interactions with some bloggers, but yet I own two more. It' s become harder and harder to actually find companies that are cruelty free and have great track records all arund, so I think I'm just going to have to start picking my battles. I've heard about so many people having great PR interactions with China Glaze, so I think I'll stick with them, for now at least. Plus, Victoria is obsessed with Josh Ramsay, so since Sally's was having a B2G1 free, I gave her a Mosiac Madness that matched Josh's hair. They came out to $4.80 all together. The OPI suede was $4.99 at Winners and the three Oz shades I won from a raffle at a beauty supply store. From left to right, Mosiac Madness, Glitz N' Pieces, What Wizardy Is This?, Don't Burst My Bubble!, Lights of Emera City and Ink Suede.

Finally, here are the Mish Mash purchases of April. I grabbed them from here and there. The NOPI in Top Of My World was $5.99, Beyond was the same price as well. The two Juleps, Debra and Leila, were a gift and Essence Shopping @ Portobello Road was $1.99.

Thanks for tuning in! I'd love to get a comment about what you'vev gotten recently. Anything good?

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