Thursday, 4 July 2013

May Be I'll Catch Up With My Haul Posts?

Hey Guys! Happy Canada Day and 4th of July!!! I had a pretty Canada mani, but I forgot to take a picture and when I came home they were beyond repair. We went to a local park for fireworks and saw Hedley and Anjulie and I was rough on my hands. Sorry! Hopefully you all a had fun, patriotic week!
Time for May's haul! And yes, I know it's July... sheesh at least it's not Aprils...
May was a pretty quiet month though, I only bought enough for one picture! So the Color Clubs were full price. Ouch, I know. The store was having a sale on everything... Except Color Club, and I only found out after I paid and checked out. But it was a cheaper store, so they were still only like $17 together, instead of $10-$15. And other holos are MUCH more. Justified! Everything else was cheap. The Claire's (full sized) were 10 for $10, and I got them to hit the limit, they stripers were $.97 and I want to get into nail art more, so I got them. I really need to start posting my attempts. I just never post them, and I don't take pictures half the time because when they are all zoomed up on a screen they look much worse than IRL. Then they Sally Girl was $1, but I got it to get a free bag, and then it was an extra like, 20% off too. And I've been wanting a clear glow top coat. The two Claire's minis were from a friend. She didn't like them and had gone all gloppy so I saved them from a garbage and thinned them and I really like them! So win!
That's it! See you later :D

Left to Right
Cherubic, Blue Heaven, Unnamed Magnetix, Unnamed Glow In The Dark, Unnamed Mini Neon Coral, Unnamed Mini Neon Green, LA Colors Art Deco Purple Glitter, LA Colors Art Deco Dark Blue, Sally Girl U Glow Girl!

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