Monday, 18 June 2012

Maybe Rae Jepsen.

Hey guys! I know I mostly do artists a lot less known that this, but in honour of the Much Music Video Awards, I thought I'd choose a new song by the winner of the most awards. Maybe Rae Jepson. So y'all are probably either think that I'm putting the wrong first name, Maybe instead of Carly. Or maybe you thought her parents are ultra hipster-hippies. Well her name is Carly, but as LMFAO pointed out, she prefers to be called Maybe. Just listen to her song, the one that got her all those awards. It's called CALL ME MAYBE. So yeah, that's what I'm calling her. Anyways, enough with the joking. I just found that hilarious last night, did any of you watch the MMVAs last night and crack up? But this week's song of the week is her new song,
Carly Rae Jepson- Curiosity
And trust me, I half don't think you should listen to it. This chick makes crazy catchy songs; it will be in your head for days. The only way to get it out will be to get Call Me Maybe stuck in your head, which also isn't hard. Have a great week, and I highly recommend watching the MMVA reruns if you haven't seen them already.

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