Friday, 22 June 2012

July Julep Boxes

Better late than never, right? The end of school is killing me,and I feel drained when I come home, but there's only one week left. Anyways, here are the Julep Maven July Boxes. I like these way more than June, and May's too. The glitter's look freakin' fantastic, especially the one in the It Girl Box. You also get a free polish celebrating either Canada Day or the Fourth Of July. The only issue I have with this is I way prefer America The Beautiful, which I think they did way better. And it has star glitter. Oh, I forgot, these also have a lip vernis that is colour-coordinated to a polish. I love that look but when you see the swatches of the lip color, they're really sheer. So, in reality, your lips and nails won't be matchy -matchy. But I have to say, I'm glad we're aware of that before hand, just so we won't be expecting something just like the Butter London colours with the matching lippies. Also, the names aren't coordinating, which is a little weird. Just to let you know, this is obviously picture-heavy.

And here is the breakdown of what's in each box:

EDIT: They changed the box shot's to the new month's boxes/

And I thought I'd include the swatches, since the above pictures don't do those glitter polishes any justice:

These two are O Canada and America The Beautiful. Which one you get depends on where you live, but you can get them as add-ons. The rest are in the same order as the box shots.

And here are the lippies. I didn't know if I'd include them since this mouth grosses me out for some reason (am I the only one?), but I figured I'd show you how sheer these really are:

If you want to sign up for Julep Maven, please use my refferal code, because if I get a free month I will do a giveaway, so one of you can win a free Maven box.
You can use COLORS4ONE and get your introductory box for only 1 cent, shipping included.
Also, please note that this post was NOT sponsered my anyone.

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