Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Let It Go, And Why I Should Rename This Blog Something To Do With Procrastination

I'm sorry! I know today isn't Monday, but can we pretend it is? We had another PD Day (I know! It's great! And worrisome for parents...) and I basically sunbathed with blue all day long :P. Anyways I'm a bog procrastinator, so yeah, if any of my friends are reading this they are probally nodding. Sorry again!
Anyways, time for some of the weeek! I absolutely love this song and have been replaying it since I heard it, but according to their Vevo it only has a little over 7 thousand views. I was all like 'NOOOOO!' because it's just that great of a song. So y'all are most likely like 'what song, tell us already!'. So I will, it's

Let It Go- Dragonette

I love how amazing-tastically fant-abulous this song is. And it sheds a light on animal testing and how wrong it is in such a great way (don't worry, the video isn't, like, a bunch of bunnies dying while people stick lipstick in their eyes) and the message of the lyrics is also so inspiring. So go ahead and listen. They need more views!!!


  1. hello there stephanie, just to let you know to go over to check out my blog www.osirisandlokipainttheirnails.blogspot.com as you may just have won something!!! if you could email me with your detials i can post it to you hugs tara :)

    1. Yee! Thank you so much! And your my VERY first comment! I feel so crazy happy :)