Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What I Need!

I have recently become transfixed with ballet. Or should I say, more transfixed. I suddenly feel the need for a huge pancake tutu, like this one. I'd get out the pointe shoes collecting dust in my closet and start to do ballet again and twirl around my kitchen. Yes, I am crazy. But you have to admit, tutus are gangsta'
Okay, maybe I'm getting a little carried away. But they are awesome. Awesome enough to twirl around your kitchen in. Besides the fact that it kills you feet, legs back and anywhere else it can, I love dance. And tutus. Feel free to buy me one of the below.

Corset and Tutu Set I love this ones antique look. It makes me feel like some fancy person whose great-great-great grandmother was a world famous Russian Ballet Dancer, except this wasn't my great x3 grannies, and she wasn't a ballet dancer... or Russian. It's for sale on Etsy here.

Womens Pink Tutu Shabby Chic Cocktail Length Perfect for Weddings Size Large Look how huge this is! Totally fits in with my plans of marrying a Gypsy just so I can wear a dress with enough fabric to cover all of Africa. Also for sale on Etsy here.
Ooh! This one! This one! Black swan... plus it's thinning. But most importantly, glitter! Get it here.
And while your at it, new pointe shoes would be appreciated! And look, I've spared you the trouble of
having to find them, they're already here. Thanks!
Custom Pointe Shoes
Just to make sure you know, I'm kidding. You don't have to buy me anything, taking the time to visit and read is enough.

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