Friday, 8 June 2012

We're back!

That's right; Really Quite Cute Fridays are back with a vengeance. Okay, no vengeance, but your get the point. Right?
Anyways, I have an obsession with Ellen. She is just a wonderful, zany, beautiful person that makes you smile. I thought I'd show you the cutest video of two little boy; Atticus and Rainer, who are presidential experts. They also have uber-cool Hipster-Celebrity names, which make me feel sad that my name is Stephanie. I'm thinking I should just start calling myself Tallulah or Bonquiqui or Green Flower. Anyways, these kids are adorable. I mean, I don't like staying near kids because they slober and seem contagious and weird; but in small doses they are ad-or-ab-le! I mean, don't even get me started one the matching ties and khakis. And their mom should be happy that I haven't stolen that little one yet. Look at him; he's adorable!
Unfortunately, I could get the video onto this post, but I have a link right here. Or if you're scared of my link (he doesn't bite! Often...), you can just do a Youtube Search for it and watch it that way. Anyways; here it is:

PS. I love sideburns too.

PPS. And obvious nicknames.

PPPS. I'm just going to stop, because trust me, I could keep going on.

PPPS. Really. I could. So just stop ready this and watch the video!

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