Saturday, 7 September 2013

Lemme Fix That For You

Recently I came in possession of a beat up Apple charger. I almost threw it out, but figured if check to see if it worked, as I need (okay, want) one for my car, since I am a heavy phone user and full batteries are never a bad thing :) Why not take advantage of my Civic's USB port?
And guess what? It worked! Hurrah! I wasn't expecting that though, so the next problem arose. It was pretty beat up. There are scuffs and cuts and, as you can see, it has torn on the end and in the middle. I thought about different methods of fixing it and ended up using a wee bit of white electrical tape to fix the rips. But there was still the whole general ugliness of the thing. I figured I'd just have to deal with it, but had the wonderful epiphany of using a bit of washi tape. I recently got a set of 4 in various simple, clean designs and bright colours. They were only $1- for all four! And washi tape seemed like the perfect thing to use. Cheap, easy to use, easy to remove it need be and most importantly; pretty! Lol. It was super easy and I covered the whole cord without much effort or tape. This is perfect for broken cords, and I've also added a bit on the ends of my other ones to prevent them breaking. I recommend 100%!
Simple, cute and affordable. Just simply rip off a piece of tape in desired length and wrap lengthwise (I've added quick pictures to help better explain).

**Just as a disclaimer, tampering with anything electrical has its potential risks and dangers, and caution should always be used during and after changing the piece. However, with that said, I have been using this for a couple weeks now and no negative issues or problems have arisen thus far. Just use common sense and caution.

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