Thursday, 29 August 2013

Stephanie Randomly Chatting, Probably To No One...

A long chain of events and just general business has taken me away from blogging. We've had a ton o' fun with day trips and small vacations (nothing major this year though, hopefully next summer), and doing LOTS of home reno and DIY. Cuz this gal Does It Herself! Lol, I'm sorry for that outburst... But there had been lots of buying and selling on kijiji (luuuvvvv that site), painting, rearranging and creating. I have to show you guys the makeup section of my bathroom now that it's painted.
I've also been volunteering lots at my lovely cat rescue, singing dancing and acting with my theatre troupe, who I have done Monty Python, Hairspray and West Side Story with. Also, dealing with my defective knees, who had been a major pain.
Anyways, I've also found my self a new passion, because one or two money sucking, time wasting hobbies are clearly not enough. But fish are small and pretty and colorful and they move and they are shiny and I like them. And they don't eat your mangoes off the table when you aren't looking (cough cough, Blue), and they don't scream at you for food (guinea pigs...) and they don't knock everything over with their cone collar after their neutered (...Lily).
I've had some trials and tribulations, but I am really enjoying it. The tank is really stunning.
Plus, I think the tank accents my nails quite nicely.
Now for a random assortment of photos I've amassed on my iPhone.

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