Friday, 13 September 2013

Velvet and Suede

Happy Friday the 13th y'all!!!
First off, I'm glad that you seemed to enjoy my little DIY post, I will definitely do some more of those if its something you enjoy :)
Today we have Julep Minka, what they describe as an oxblood suede. I see it more as a rusty colour, but julep did not have the best luck with describing the colours in this collection. Ah well. This lasted a decent amount of time. Suedes dry crazy fast, but that also means they are more prone to chipping, unfortunately. It lasted 2 days chip free, but got some wear by the 3rd, when I took it off.
I adore the suede look still, and I think it's perfect for fall. Not to mention how great a nice 2 coater that dries before your done both hands. Totally great when your in a rush.
Plus, it totally went with the cupcakes we got. Mmm, I love me some red velvet cupcakes. Thanks mom!!!
Artificial and natural non direct lighting.

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