Thursday, 26 September 2013

LOL, Isn't OMG A UFO a GR8 name?

How's everything going? School and dance has started up, and I am sore. I have at least an hour and fifteen minutes everyday, and then two other classes, jazz and ballet for an extra hour every night. The develops and splits (3 minutes each y'all!) are killing me.
Anyways, today we have a nice old nail post, it's my OMG A UFO NOTD (sorry I had too...).
OMG A UFO is from the not-so-recent China Glaze Hologlam collection, the newest of China Glaze's four holographic collection. This collection was a.... Let down. There's not much of a better explanation. It was leaked/released a crazy amount of time in advanced, and was touted as a more affordable, more easily accessible holographic collection. And it used the same pigments as the mythical
OMG collection.
Sadly, China Glaze has lost its holo magic. It might have been a great pigment, but there wasn't enough of it to actually show up. I actually prefer the Tronica collection to this one. While it wasn't quite as holo, it had that really pretty kinda grainy look when it wasn't sunny, while Hologlam looks bland.
Anyways, for the crazy $10+ each, there was no way that I was getting any, however they went on sale at Sally's so I got three for around $1.75 each. I figured I tried this one first, as it's a cool golden-y green colour.
This was two or three coats (sorry! I forgot to write it down, or just remember...) It's really pretty when you occasionally get that holo, and it seems to love my bathroom lighting lol.
Anyways, it's a lovely polish and I like it, just for $2, not for $12.

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