Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Thinking of Pair-A-Dice

Bonjour Mes Amis!
Today I'm showing you a swatch of a lesser known brand, 2 Sisters Cosmetics. One of the things I like is being able to show you brands that don't have a lot of swatches up. I like being able to find swatches, and hate it when I can't find a picture of a specific polish online. Living in Canada, we get nail polish collections later, and I never buy the whole collection. Anyways, I feel like I'd rather show you a polish that you can't find else where, rather than one that was featured on every single blog last week.
Anyways, I really love 2 Sisters Cosmetics. I was having one of those weeks when none of your manis work out, all of them rushed or with bed marks or terrible formulas, and I decided to try out another one of the polishes I won from a giveaway a while ago.
Pair-A-Dice is creamy and amazingly opaque in two thin coats. The colour itself is not very unique, I know of a least 10 versions of hat exact blue, but the shimmer really sets it apart. All of the blues I know that look like this are all cremes. And it isn't normal shimmer either, it's the crushed micro flakie type stuff I adore, that I sadly could not capture. This picture, like all of my swatches, is done with out topcoat. It's pretty glossy on its own, and I recommend not using topcoat, as you really lose a lot of the shimmer. These are pretty well priced at $7.00, a little more expensive than drugstore brands, but well worth it for the colour selection, and the formula of the ones I've tried so far. Also, I like the names. Simple, well thought and cute.
Anyways, we've been going through a really foggy spell, so these pictures are indoor lighting.

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