Friday, 13 July 2012

Nail Mail!

Hey guys! Having a good Summer so far? I just made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies and am waiting for the kitchen timer to ding so I can dig into some soft, fresh baked, goey cookies.
But right now I have some gorgeous nail mail to show you guys :D The first polishes are from the lovely Tara at Osiris And Loki Paint Their Nails, be surer to pop over their and give her blog a looksie. Here are the goodies she sent me, all the way from Australia:

There's the lovely Max Factor Mini in Ivory, a gorgeous foily gold that leans silver instead of yellow, which suits my skin tone much better
Now are the frankens made by Tara herself, Technocolour, a pretty silver holo that is very pretty, not to mention really, truly holo, it's a gorgeous linear that looks amazing in the sun.
There's also my favorite, Radioactive, a gorgeous green linear holo that I named! Tee hee, I doubt I'm ever going to get over it, I'm so happy that my idea was chosen. Do you like the name? Anyways, here are the pictures, keep in mind they are much more holographic in real live.

I also got my Julep Maven July Box, here are the colours and a review of the box is coming.

Once I get my new camera, I'd love to swatch all of these out for you. Sorry for the crappy quality of these ones, they were taken using my web cam. Eek! I know :( But me new camera is coming and I'll replace these pictures when it comes.
Have a great day all of you, and a big thanks, again, to Tara. I'm so happy about these lovelies!
Please give her a visit at

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  1. hey stephanie, great post!!! i titally have lost your email! god knows where it is stupid email!! it got hacked a little while ago and a bunch of emails dissapeared. anyway give us a email on osirisandloki at gmail dot com and i will see what i can get for a swap with the glitter gals ok. hugs tara xx