Sunday, 29 July 2012

Julep August Box- Colours Review

Okay, here's my opinion on the August Julep Maven Boxes, as well as the pictures of each box, but first off is the non-polish extra, nail polish remover:

My first thought? How tiny is that! Honestly, I buy my cheap-but works stuff, and am quite happy with it. I know some people can't imagine looking at anything other that Zoya Remove Plus, but honestly, if it works, and doesn't kill my poor little wallet, I'm fine with it. If the container was bigger, I probably would have loved to try it, but that's way not big enough for the price tag.

The It Girl Box

Melanie: Pastel indigo metallic chrome
Sienna: Sophisticated gold metallic
Harley: Liquid silver metallic chrome

I really love Melanie, I thinks she's a gorgeous colour that I don't have anything like. However, Sienna is an old colour, that a lot of Julep fans already have, and that I have a dupe for. Harley is meh, silver chrome, not really worth that much to me. There's also a lot of speculation that is a re release for Leighton... Overall, I like this box, I really do. Just not for $20.

Boho Glam

Isla: Soft milky-white metallic
Piper: Mint-teal metallic chrome

Okay, now look at these pictures, the nails are streaky and have bald spots. Come on Julep, your a nail parlour, you should know that people like opaque, streak and patch free nails. Other than that, I think the colours are gorgeous, Isla looks really pretty, and I will definitely look for something like her. Piper is also something I want to get a dupe of. However, I don't just want to get this box because A. Julep polishes are small, and I don't want to waste a bottle on one Mani that isn't streaky or patchy.
B. I wouldn't pay $20 for them and the polish remover, which brings me to
C. I don't want their polish remover.

American Beauty

Dakota: Rose-gold metallic chrome
Stefani: Gold-flecked grey metallic

This is like all the other boxes, it's nice. Stefani is an old colour, and has been in a couple mystery boxes already. Dakota is nice, I don't know what else to say. It's a pretty colour, but for the money, I'd rather get Essie's new metallic that's similar to this. All-in-all it's a nice box.

Classic With A Twist

Alfre: Royal metropolitan purple metallic
Felicity: Yellow-gold metallic chrome

Not a big fan of these, and Alfre is also a preexisting colour. I doubt Felicity would look remotely okay with my skin tone, but one someone else it might look good. Nothing else to say about these.


Kim: Gunmetal grey metallic
Harley: Liquid silver metallic chrome

Kim's preexisting and I've already talked about Harley, enough said.

This whole collection is pretty meh to me. I think it's good for polish newbies, and people who are looking for some nice chromes, but I'd honestly rather get Essie's. Especially after last month's ah-maz-ing box, this one is a little lacking. Here's to September's box being better.

Overall Verdict- Skipping. I'll spend my money on something I like a little more and hope for something better in September's box.