Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Dubai Royalty

Secret confession: I do nail art a lot. Like a lot. But I never post it on the blog. Like never. Why? I have no idea. Mysteries of life I guess. But I really want to post it more often, because that's what you viewers want. Here's something simple today, a nice glitter gradient using Ulta3 Pot Of Gold, and Bloom Dubai. Both of these are Aussie brands from the wonderful girls out there. Thank you! Dubai is soo glowy. I wish it would translate to camera. Sigh. Just imagine a rich purple crushed velvet in nail polish form. And combined with the gorgeous yellowy gold of Pot Of Gold, it looks so royal and extravagant. I love it. The way I did the gradient was by painting a coat on just the tip, then some a little bit higher, then another higher up to form a gradient. This was two coats of Dubai. It was too thick for the little mini bottles brush, but a little bit of thinner made it a dream. Artificial lighting.

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