Sunday, 29 April 2012

sierra von ruffles le awesome's awesomeness

hi there :) its me. no not stephanie ... its sierra. her friend with the better hair (just so its clear). so about me .... hnmmmmmmmmmm ... well for starters im currently wearing some of stephanies awesometasitc jewllery that of course looks amazing on me. everything looks good on me (again just so you know) i once tried this like really long stripy hat on and what do you think? yes it looked faboulous on me:) oh has sstephanie mentioned her cat blue? yeah well blue thinks she has better hair than i do but she doesnt ... i mean sure she has better cat hair but i will always beat her in having better human hair :) so about those julep maven nail poslishes stephanie has blogged about ... yeah well she sent me some of them and i soon found out that the aridesent one (the one called melissa) does not i repaeat DOES NOT look good on top of a french manicure. i speak from experience ... and my experience was not pretty. hmmmm what else is there to tell you about me? well you know how stepanie has a fish named bubbles. she calls him that because she thinks hes fat (dont worry bubbles i think you look amazingly slim for seven years old) but anyways i think i have a talent for not noticing fish because i have been over to stephanies house a bunch of times and until she actually showed me her fish i had never noticed bubbles (im sorry bubbles) ......... ummmm oh! OHMYGOSH!!!!!! stephanie got a chalkboard wall (you know with the fancy chalkboard paint and everything) and its so cool!!!!!! i want a chalkboard wall but my parents are awesome and wont get me one (i say that with love) so have you noticed some spelling errors so far? bet u have. well thats because im waaaay to good for spell check :p so i dont use it ... well you know except for school assignments and stuff. stephanie just stole on of my cookies ... that she did give me but they were my cookies (yeah they were ginger snap cookies and who doesnt love them so im sure you understand) thats another thing i hate. when people steal ... or take my food i dont appreciate it because ususally i like food. ... ohmygosh she just stole ANOTHER ONE OF MY COOKIES!!!!!!!!! you  guys should really talk to her about that ... just saying ... she just stole another one. man she just doesnt learn. she better watch out and be able to sleep with one eye open. aww stephanies such a good friend shes going back to get me some more cookies to replace the ones she ate ... one day ill repay her with some of my food ... you know maybe. wow has been a really long blog considering its my first one ... but not my last! ill be back! dont worry! ill be back!!! me and my non check spelling self!

- sierra

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  1. Wow... This is very... original (not going to say if that was a compliment or not)

    And BTW, this is actually Stephanie. Not the person who has something against spell check.