Friday, 19 April 2013

March Haul!

Middle of April? Yep, I should probably put up my monthly haul for March...
LOL. Hello lovelies! How have you been? It is freezing here. I'm not even kidding! We should not have snow on the ground in April...
Anyways, here is my March haul. I got a bunch of gorgeous polishes, especially the ones on my super crazy lemming list! I've almost completed my collection of the very elusive Color Club Scentsuos collection! Three are in my helmer, one's on the way and I only need two more! Yay!
Also, many of these were an amazing price, so yay! I am definitely going to be slowing down though, I'm going to try to buy only ones on my wish list, or possibly ones that are super crazy cheap, and try to use some of these.
Anyways, enough said! Onto the polish :D

I must say, I was very disappointed with China Glaze's behaviour towards a couple nail bloggers, including my beloved Vampy Varnish. I love China Glaze though, so while I'm trying not to buy them I don't think it's going to be a quick easy quit. So I'm slowing down and eventually going to stop, LOL. I got these for about a dollar each in the Ombre kit in Wait Teal You See. Pictured are White On White, Aquadelic, For Audrey, and Turned Up Turquoise, which I cannot get an accurate picture of...

Next up are a couple random things. I got the Zoya Jellies collection from Winners for about $10. I've wanted to try these so I'm happy. I also got It's Totally Fort Worth It, and Big Hair... Big Nails from OPI's Texas Collection. These were BOGO, so I couldn't resist. Finally is a bottle of Essence's Chic Reloaded. I love Essence, and despite how I despise of their new bottles, I couldn`t bare to leave a spectacular $2 multichrome at the store.

An amazing package from Sammi, all the way over in Australia. I had a secret Valentine`s Day swap, and could not have gotten a better partner. Such a great mistake since we both had different partners originally, which is why this is a month late. Do you see all the gorgeous?!?! I can`t tell you what I got her, but I hope she enjoys hers half as much as me!
Here`s Picture Polish Mask-A-Rade, Ozotic 503, Ulta3 Jelly,  New Years Eve, Luck Of The Irish and Citrus. Finally pictured is Australis Spectacular.

Here`s the cherry on top of March! I was so happy to be able to get these from Bee. I was literally screaming with joy when I found these. We`ve had some minor troubles with her package, hopefully all is sorted out soon. But look at these! Pure scented gorgeous-ness :D And she added in an Essence! Happy squee! Here are Essence Ultimate Pink, Color Club Sugar Plum Yum and Gingerbread Man.

Thanks for tagging along with me this month! Did you get any lemmings? If so, tell below!

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