Sunday, 14 April 2013


Yo homies!
LOL, anyways it's great to be finally doing this! But first, hello everyone! Also, I must apoligize for my lack of posting, I have been pretty busy in my real life, and although I can respect that others may disagree, I think my life offline will always be more important that online life! Sorry! I hope you can understand :) Anyways, there are lots of thing in plan for this blog, mainly me wanting to branch out from nails a little. Now don't worry, there will still be lots of polish! But if you look at my early posts there are other things going on. Basically, I'd like to do some non-polish posts, in addition to swatches and NOTD. And I am working on nail art a little, hoped you like my rainbow easter nails because there will be more! Also, I am working on new ways to follow. I set up a Hello Cotton set but now they're gone so I will be setting up some other things, but for now there is GFC at least! I'm also working at some blog only social media accounts.
Now on to the real purpose of this post; the winners of my giveaway! Yay! I can't believe it took this long but I needed my laptop for this (most of my posts on written using the Blogger App on my beloved iPad) so it took a bit longer. But better late than never :D
I'd have to say that this was a excellent giveaway! I was very happy with the results and although there were A LOT of spammy entries (I grew a thick skin after my first giveaway) there were a lot of real ones. I really appreciate the people who took time to write out thoughtful comments, you could tell! So cheers to you! And they were the people who ultimatly won. I mean, it's not a valid entry if you don't do what's instructed. And when it asks for you to write something and you say 'Great Giveaway!!! :D', that's not doing what's instructed. Sorry, but too bad!
Also, I didn't think I had to say this, but please don't write links in comments. If you want me to check out your blog, write an email and I will be sure to do so. But comments will get deleted.
And now, what everyone has been waiting for! The Winners! These lovely girls have been contacted and have responded, so their goodies will be sent out ASAP. And here they are! Also, their is a 4th winner, as I promised if I got enough followers. Her name isn't showing up on the widget but it is Marlia R. I will try to add her on the rafflecopter, but just a disclaimer.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who entered, and an even bigger thanks to my super awesome followers! You guys make this journey so much more fun and exciting! Hopefully you feel the same :) You are all deserving of the title, Really Quite Awesome!

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  1. as much as I love nail polish I can't wait to see the all your new posts you have planned. Congrats to the winners :)