Sunday, 17 February 2013

Nail Polish Revvvolution!

Hello everyone! Today I have something special to show you. Not just Revolution, but Revvvolution!
Today I'll be showing you one of Color Club's older weaker but still just as gorgeous holos. This is Revvvolution, a scattered charcoal-black holo. This is gorgeous, and in sunlight the holo really shines.
Unfortunatly though, the polish gods were not looking down upon my nails and in the gloomy Canadian weather, I did not manage to get a natural light picture :( I don`t know if it`s just me but I actually love that grainy look of holos in the shade. I don't know, is this weird? Am I the only one?
This polish was smooth and had no problems. Theres the reason I love Color Club so much. They have so many amazing colours, and the formulas are always so nice. This is three thin coats ( I wore this for a little, and got some tipwear so I added a third). The thumb is done with a cheap striper in an unknown colour and brand. Sorry!
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