Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mish or Mash?

Ohmyflerbinggerrdddd!!! It's November! Did I really just miss a whole month of posting?

I'll make it up with a tots cray cray polish. Here we have Ozotic 503, part of their Mish Mash collection, because it's a Mish mash of different finishes. I'm kinda guessing though, that word is NOT Canadian. Just get me some poutine and a double double, mkay?
Anyways, this is a duochrome, linear holo. Nom nom nom. Okay, so I'm aware these aren't as super crazy precious as they were, because of all the indies out now. But as someone who doesn't shop online (I know, I'm afreak of nature...), it's a real score.
503 has a great formula too. Smooth and flowy and not brushstrokey and it drys quickly. The colour shift is gorgeous, it's ever shifting, and hopefully my pictures are okay, though it's like a million times better in real life. It's shifts from blue, to purple to red to, just barely, yellow.
And while you don't often get crazy bam holo, AND crazy bam multichrome at the same time, multichrome works best in shade, and holos best in sun, so your nails are always look fantabulous.
2 coats (I believe? 99% sure), over black. Artificial lighting.

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