Friday, 17 May 2013

The Show's Going On, Alright

Hey Y'all! (I don't have any cloud why that word is so deeply embedded in my vocabulary, I'm not southern, and no one I know says it... Anyways, lets get over with the tangent...)
So, sorry about the rant that was my last post. I was just spread so thin, I felt like I needed to explain, without saying "sorry, I'll post more later." I've been crazy busy with dance competitions and recitals and band performances, most of which nail polish is not allowed.
Anyways, today I'm showing OPI's The Show Must Go On. All of you know my aversion to reds and pinks, but I couldn't say no to this. A gorgeous foil duo chrome, opaque on its own with only 2 coats. It's not a crazy duo chrome under any circumstances, but it flashes a lovely orange on angles, and even some yellow peeks out here and there. Awwwwrrrrgggf I just love it so much :) so much pretty. Sadly this isn't available commercially but it's still pretty cheap on eBay and blog sales. It's from the 2010 Burlesque collection. Here's two coats in artificial light.

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