Sunday, 22 December 2013

All I Want for Christmas is Thos Colour To Photograph Correctly!

Do you ever just realize you have the most amazing friends ever? I had a Christmas party on Friday and literally got the best gifts ever. Hailey, Emily, Andrew, Kamal, Victoria and Melissa, I do not deserve you. Thank you so much!
Anyways, I wore this lovely mani of turned up turquoise by China Glaze and Ulta3 Luck of The Irish. Yup, I wear St Patricks nail polish for Christmas, gotta problem?
Anyways, I can NEVER get TUT to photograph correctly to colour, and if I tried to correct it, it just ended up messing up LotI. Soooo.... Anyways, TUT is much more green in real life, but still distinctively turquoise. LotI is a gorgeous bright pure green. No anything, just green. This is 3 coats of the China Glaze, 2 coats of the Ulta3. Artificial lighting.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Cinnamon From Santa

it's a major pet peeve of mine when Christmas stuff starts crazy early. It's like, can we please get through November first? At least wait until the kiddos get the candy and the pumpkins come down.
But I will wear seasonal nail colours all year round, with some exceptions, of course :)
This is Santas Cinnamon, a red glitter suspended in a red jelly base. 3 thin coats, though two thick would work (though that tends to deposit less glitter). The ending result for these types of glitter is to some extent, exactly the same, so you could easily use the NYC polish since this is long gone, but this has a great formula, and best of all, smells like cinnamon, which makes it unique to all the other clones.
If you can get it, do it now. This collection was like my favorite, and I am still going crazy for the two I still need.
However, don't sweat to much if you syl really want it, as there are a million other lookalikes out there :)

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mish or Mash?

Ohmyflerbinggerrdddd!!! It's November! Did I really just miss a whole month of posting?

I'll make it up with a tots cray cray polish. Here we have Ozotic 503, part of their Mish Mash collection, because it's a Mish mash of different finishes. I'm kinda guessing though, that word is NOT Canadian. Just get me some poutine and a double double, mkay?
Anyways, this is a duochrome, linear holo. Nom nom nom. Okay, so I'm aware these aren't as super crazy precious as they were, because of all the indies out now. But as someone who doesn't shop online (I know, I'm afreak of nature...), it's a real score.
503 has a great formula too. Smooth and flowy and not brushstrokey and it drys quickly. The colour shift is gorgeous, it's ever shifting, and hopefully my pictures are okay, though it's like a million times better in real life. It's shifts from blue, to purple to red to, just barely, yellow.
And while you don't often get crazy bam holo, AND crazy bam multichrome at the same time, multichrome works best in shade, and holos best in sun, so your nails are always look fantabulous.
2 coats (I believe? 99% sure), over black. Artificial lighting.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Irrational Fears

Hey everyone!
I just did something totally awesome, but you'll have to wait to see!
Anyways, today I have to thank the lovely Lamisha for being my awesome photographer. All these hand shots are compliments of her!
I did a totally awesome gradient manicure using two of OPI's Liquid Sands, Honey Ryder and What Wizardry is This? I wanted to figure out a fun way to use What Wizardry, I got it from OPI as a replacement for my hot mess bottle of When Monkeys Fly!, which I wanted to love soo much, but the curling was horrid.
Anyways, I am a total chicken when it comes to the colour brown. I do not like it. I got this and was all like, Imma wear this! It's not even brown brown... It's like green-y bronze.
But then it sits in my drawer, sad and slowly getting dusty...
So I figured out a way to incorporate it into a manicure and I loved it! It reminds me of lions. And I got soo many compliments, I'm definitely going to have to wear What Wizardry again... Maybe on its own?
Two coats of Honey Ryder followed by a sponged layer of both. Lighting is study hall lol.
Thanks again to Lamisha!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

LOL, Isn't OMG A UFO a GR8 name?

How's everything going? School and dance has started up, and I am sore. I have at least an hour and fifteen minutes everyday, and then two other classes, jazz and ballet for an extra hour every night. The develops and splits (3 minutes each y'all!) are killing me.
Anyways, today we have a nice old nail post, it's my OMG A UFO NOTD (sorry I had too...).
OMG A UFO is from the not-so-recent China Glaze Hologlam collection, the newest of China Glaze's four holographic collection. This collection was a.... Let down. There's not much of a better explanation. It was leaked/released a crazy amount of time in advanced, and was touted as a more affordable, more easily accessible holographic collection. And it used the same pigments as the mythical
OMG collection.
Sadly, China Glaze has lost its holo magic. It might have been a great pigment, but there wasn't enough of it to actually show up. I actually prefer the Tronica collection to this one. While it wasn't quite as holo, it had that really pretty kinda grainy look when it wasn't sunny, while Hologlam looks bland.
Anyways, for the crazy $10+ each, there was no way that I was getting any, however they went on sale at Sally's so I got three for around $1.75 each. I figured I tried this one first, as it's a cool golden-y green colour.
This was two or three coats (sorry! I forgot to write it down, or just remember...) It's really pretty when you occasionally get that holo, and it seems to love my bathroom lighting lol.
Anyways, it's a lovely polish and I like it, just for $2, not for $12.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Velvet and Suede

Happy Friday the 13th y'all!!!
First off, I'm glad that you seemed to enjoy my little DIY post, I will definitely do some more of those if its something you enjoy :)
Today we have Julep Minka, what they describe as an oxblood suede. I see it more as a rusty colour, but julep did not have the best luck with describing the colours in this collection. Ah well. This lasted a decent amount of time. Suedes dry crazy fast, but that also means they are more prone to chipping, unfortunately. It lasted 2 days chip free, but got some wear by the 3rd, when I took it off.
I adore the suede look still, and I think it's perfect for fall. Not to mention how great a nice 2 coater that dries before your done both hands. Totally great when your in a rush.
Plus, it totally went with the cupcakes we got. Mmm, I love me some red velvet cupcakes. Thanks mom!!!
Artificial and natural non direct lighting.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Lemme Fix That For You

Recently I came in possession of a beat up Apple charger. I almost threw it out, but figured if check to see if it worked, as I need (okay, want) one for my car, since I am a heavy phone user and full batteries are never a bad thing :) Why not take advantage of my Civic's USB port?
And guess what? It worked! Hurrah! I wasn't expecting that though, so the next problem arose. It was pretty beat up. There are scuffs and cuts and, as you can see, it has torn on the end and in the middle. I thought about different methods of fixing it and ended up using a wee bit of white electrical tape to fix the rips. But there was still the whole general ugliness of the thing. I figured I'd just have to deal with it, but had the wonderful epiphany of using a bit of washi tape. I recently got a set of 4 in various simple, clean designs and bright colours. They were only $1- for all four! And washi tape seemed like the perfect thing to use. Cheap, easy to use, easy to remove it need be and most importantly; pretty! Lol. It was super easy and I covered the whole cord without much effort or tape. This is perfect for broken cords, and I've also added a bit on the ends of my other ones to prevent them breaking. I recommend 100%!
Simple, cute and affordable. Just simply rip off a piece of tape in desired length and wrap lengthwise (I've added quick pictures to help better explain).

**Just as a disclaimer, tampering with anything electrical has its potential risks and dangers, and caution should always be used during and after changing the piece. However, with that said, I have been using this for a couple weeks now and no negative issues or problems have arisen thus far. Just use common sense and caution.